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Hello, my name is Heather. Would you like to hear my life story? Well, sorry, you are not getting that much information - at least not this time around.

My birthday is December 7, which makes me a fifteen-years-old frosh in high school. I have lived in Illinois my entire life.

I am 5'1" (yes, I am shorter than Gillian!), my eyes are green, and my hair is bronde. What is bronde, you ask? After listening to people argue over my hair color for longer than I care to recollect, I decided to create a color of my own: Bronde, a combination of brown and blonde.

As far as hobbies go, I write, act, sing, dance, read, play piano - all of that artsy stuff. I also love kids, school, hanging out with my friends, work, and of course, shopping!

Everyone has a story to tell regarding how he or she became enthralled with a little show called The X-Files. Well, on December 4, 1998, I went to my friend, Jenna's birthday party. Everyone wanted to rent Fight the Future, and although I do not like science fiction, I am an agreeable person, so I went along with it without complaining. However, I was silently telling myself that it would be the most boring two hours of my life. As I stared at the cavemen being mutilated by aliens on the screen, it seemed as if I had proved my point. But as soon as Scully and Mulder popped up on the screen, I became intrigued with their chemistry. I had never seen an episode of The X-Files prior to seeing the movie, so I did not understand the conspiracy to any degree. I actually thought that Doctor Kurtzweil and the Cigarette-Smoking Man were the same person! Mulder and Scully's relationship really blew me away, though. I had never seen a movie as romantic as Fight the Future, and it left me wanting more. I have been hooked on The X-Files ever since. Maybe trying new things is not a bad idea, after all.

My Favorite Episodes
It was hard, but I managed to narrow it down to ten. Here they are:
1. Dreamland II
2. Irresistible
3. Detour
4. Pusher
5. Milagro
6. Millennium
7. Rain King
8. Emily
9. Small Potatoes
10. Unruhe

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That's all for now! I will put a picture up as soon as I fix my scanner!

For more about me, visit my personal site, Spiral Inspiration.

Mulder + Scully = True Love

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