Emily Christine Sim

All children are special in their own way. They are unique individuals, wonderful for who they are. Each and everyone is special to someone, no matter who that someone may be. Emily was a very special little girl. She was Scully's little girl.

Emily was conceived during Scully's abduction, during which all of Scully's ova were extracted. Scully discovered Emily in time to have a chance to love her, but time was not on their side.

Emily died of autoimmune hemolytic anemia in 1997.

A child is never forgotten. Her spirit will dance forever in the sunlight, For the joy a child gives to the world is indestructible.

Like her mother, she was strong. But the little girl could not go on. At heart, they will be together. Daughter is safe now, and mother has the strength to carry on.

Mulder + Scully = True Love

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