The Animal Song

By Savage Garden

The New Lyrics

When syndicates and cigarettes
Are stinging you to death
And suddenly, you're live on "Cops",
There's crazies everywhere

Pendrall makes me nervous,
Mulder pushing me too far
I've got to get away,
So, Duane, abduct me,

'Cause I want to eat (like cannibals)
Tofutti, fat-free (like cannibals)
I want to eat
I want to trade in the bundt cakes
For rice cakes and David's Sunflower Seeds

I don't have any difficulties
defending myself
But Mulder does it anyway,
And I don't mind his help
Mulder and Ms. Scully tell the truth,
believe the lie.
Which one is a skeptic
Here's a kiss, now you decide

Hot passion at the hospital,
UST in your stare
Would you like to run through Jiffy Pops?
Would you like to call my cell?

Cos' I want to eat (like cannibals)
Pass the pepper, please (like cannibals)
I want to eat
I want to munch on Diana,
Then vomit on Spender for the world to see

Sometimes people try to kill you
But then there's kung-fu
There's so many rules to follow
In Arcadia
'Cause he runs then he calls the next day

When brothers and fake Mulders
Are getting in the way
It's 1939, dear God, why can't be it today?
Queequeg and the goldfish tell the truth
'Cause they can't lie
Which one will be roadkill?
Here's a bone, now you decide

Flirting in the field,
Revolver in your hand
Would you like to get a cure for it?
Would you like to kill your man?

'Cause I want to eat (like cannibals)
Chunky Monkey (like cannibals)
I want to eat
I'll have some yogurt will pollen from
the bee that had to sting me

(Repeat and Fade)

"The Animal Song" is copyright Savage Garden and Sony Music.
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