Alex Krycek: Mulder's a good kisser. There's no doubt in my prosthetic left arm that he knocked her up good.

Homer Simpson: D'oh!

The Cigarette-Smoking Man: I just got pushed down a flight of stairs and you're worried about Mulder?! Scully will save him, she always does, but who's going to save me, huh? I haven't been with a woman since Fowley kicked the bucket!

Ringo Langly: Peaches come in a can! They were put there by a man! In a factory downtooooown!

Melvin Frohike: Scully is hot.

John Byers: You know, I almost had intercourse once, in a chat room on Yahoo. But then I told myself, "No, Byers, this is wrong, you must wait for Suzanne to return!" Abstinence is out there!

Ringo Langly: Lord knows if I had my way, I'd eat peaches everyday...

Alien Bounty Hunter: I've got him, my pretty, and your little dog too!

Queequeg: Woof-woof! (Translation: No quiero Taco Bell)

Mulder: Will somebody please tell me what all the damn hype is about?

Walter Skinner: If the don't make me godfather, there's going to be hell to pay!

Bill Scully, Jr.: Why, that f****** little mother f*****! What the f*** did he do to my little sister?

Nurse: Smoking cigarettes through your trachea. I gotta try that sometime...I wonder if only works with Morley's...

Marita Covarrubias: My hair! Where the hell did my hair go?

Scully: I'll find him. I have to...ooh, pickles!

Mulder + Scully = True Love

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