Why Fowley Took Her Top off in "Biogenesis"

By Heather Horn

1. She wanted to run next door and seduce Phillip Padgett for his next novel.

2. She wanted to stand in front of the window and try to revive X.

3. She was posing for the surveillance cameras.

4. The Syndicate came up with a sure-fire plan to make Mulder insane, and that was it.

5. Someone had put her in the basement incinerator and she was hot. Who would do a thing like that?

6. A bunch of fembots were coming over to play strip poker.

7. She thought that if she took off her shirt enough times, Mulder would eventually say, "Keep going, FBI woman." Well, either that or, "Aah! My virgin eyes!"

8. She was wearing a really ugly shirt.

9. She wanted to try on Mulder's New York Knicks T-Shirt.

10. Someone put itching powder in her shirt and she broke out in hives.

11. She wanted Mulder to check her back for fatal bites.

12. She wanted to show Mulder how much nicer her bra was than Scully's.

13. She found Scully's spare clothes, and decided to put them on and pretend she was Scully so that she would have another shot at Mulder.

14. A bee had stung her, and as her last dying wish, she pulled off her shirt as she plummeted to the floor so she could die without losing her reputation.

15. She had a thing for Mulder's desk-drawer buddy, Danny.

16. She thought that all these years we've been saying, "Sluts are sexy".

17. It was time to feed the fish.

18. She had just spoken to C.G.B. and he was come over for some lovin' from his hot mamma.

19. She wanted to flip through Mulder's magazines and pretend that she was a model.

20. She forgot which bra she was wearing, since due to the "One Son" encounter, she apparently has no clothes, but about fifty million bras!

21. She was planning on lying in bed next to Mulder and taking pictures, then showing them to Scully.

22. She wanted to swap wardrobes with Mulder - the man has such great taste!

Mulder + Scully = True Love

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