BumpkinBob33: hey
Chapstichild: hi phil! what's up?
BumpkinBob33: nm, u?
Chapstichild: not too much, either, i just got home from play rehersal
BumpkinBob33: phun
Chapstichild: yep... i get to sing tenor on one song because the guys in it are too weak to hold their own, lololol
BumpkinBob33: ha ha lol
Chapstichild: ooh, on the way to practice, there's a sign for condos that someone changed to "condoms", and then they changed it back to "condos", but it's "condo s" and you can still kind of see the M, haha.
BumpkinBob33: ha ha lol wow
Chapstichild: so, still mad?
BumpkinBob33: no not really
BumpkinBob33: just pheeling really phucked up
Chapstichild: i'm sorry :-(
Chapstichild: i
Chapstichild: i'm really glad you're not mad anymore, though
Chapstichild: well, i'm going to caddie tomorrow, so i'm going to go to sleep
Chapstichild: do you want to go?
BumpkinBob33: i would but i have to ump a game tommorow
Chapstichild: ok, that's cool
BumpkinBob33: ahhh i am so messed up i think i still want you
Chapstichild: aw, that's so sweet... just think of what a bitch i am, though, maybe that will help ;-)
BumpkinBob33: ha ha lol
Chapstichild: well, i should be going to sleep now
Chapstichild: argh someone needs to have a non-saturday movie night or something, lol
BumpkinBob33: yeah lol really
Chapstichild: yeah and i don't have practice tomorrow so i think it should be tomorrow hahaha
BumpkinBob33: ha ha lol yeah
BumpkinBob33: will you do me a favor?
Chapstichild: sure
BumpkinBob33: i dont know how it is going to change things but i think it will help me sort this crap out in my mind if you just let me kiss you
BumpkinBob33: this isnt me trying to get you to just fall in my arms or something i just think it will clear up some of my confusion
Chapstichild: k... i mean, i really don't see how that would make things better, but i really want to make things better, so if that's what you really want...
BumpkinBob33: its kinda difficult to explain but i was thinking today and i think that would just help make things clear in my mind
Chapstichild: well, i'm open to anything that will help things get back to normal, and although i really don't see how that'll help, i really want things to be ok between us
BumpkinBob33: dont feel like you have to becuz you really dont if you dont want to
Chapstichild: well, why don't you think about it for a bit and see if you still want to do it, k?
BumpkinBob33: alrighty
Chapstichild: i'm gonna go to sleep now
BumpkinBob33: ok