Chapstichild: Wow, you're already home
Eradicator00: yep yep
Chapstichild: That's impressive, lol
Eradicator00: heh
Chapstichild: yesss, my discman came today! lol
Eradicator00: coolio
Eradicator00: so u wanna come around 5? i can't have many people tho
Eradicator00: u wanna call kev 4 me?
Eradicator00: pliz?
Chapstichild: um...kevin has to work. and you should probably know that we broke up
Chapstichild: but i can come over at 5
Eradicator00: oooooo
Eradicator00: i'm sorry!
Eradicator00: ok
Chapstichild: it's okay, i'll be fine :-)
Eradicator00: omgosh guess what!
Chapstichild: what?
Eradicator00: they released the menu pics from LEGEND ULTIMATE EDITION DVD
Chapstichild: really??? where??
Eradicator00: they are COOL!!!
Eradicator00: much better than the ones that they were gonna use a year ago
Chapstichild: thatnks!!
Chapstichild: *thanks
Chapstichild: haha
Chapstichild: i can't type
Eradicator00: muahahha
Eradicator00: my spelll works....
Eradicator00: er...
Chapstichild: nice one
Chapstichild: heh
Eradicator00: yeah, the first 2 pics would make neat tshirt pics...
Eradicator00: w/ a little editing
Chapstichild: haha...i can see you've already thought this through quite thoroughly
Eradicator00: yep ye
Eradicator00: *yep
Chapstichild: yay, jess is on! oh, that reminds me, she wanted me to ask if she could come over, too, cos she asked me what i was doing tonight...but if you can't have many people, i'm sure she'll understand...but it thought i'd ask :-)
Eradicator00: and there's a new spider-man movie poster out
Chapstichild: really? what's the link for that?
Chapstichild: sorry i'm like making you find all these sites for me
Chapstichild: lol
Eradicator00: here's a green goblin pic
Chapstichild: muchos gracias
Eradicator00: %2Ejpg
Eradicator00: yep
Eradicator00: i dunno.......sure, she can come
Chapstichild: lol you don't sound to sure about that
Eradicator00: ok! of COURSE she can come!
Chapstichild: okay okay lol i'm just making sure because it is your house and all, lol
Chapstichild: ahhhhhh i said lol twice in one sentence again
Eradicator00: hahaha!
Chapstichild: omg the menu pics are amazing!
Chapstichild: i want it to come out now lolol
Eradicator00: yeah!
Chapstichild: maybe i can find a bootleg copy of it while i'm in new york or something ,lol
Eradicator00: when?
Chapstichild: next week...i was j/k :-)
Eradicator00: yeah i didn't think so....

Eradicator00: j/k
Chapstichild: sorry, sorry, sorry!
Chapstichild: i'll bring you something cool from ny
Chapstichild: even if it's not the legend dvd
Eradicator00: thnkz!
Chapstichild: of course!
Chapstichild: ah, i was drinking apple juice, and i missed my mouth and spilled it hahaha
Chapstichild: i guess i need one of those sippy cups for little kids, lol
Chapstichild: omg the spiderman poster is awesome!
Chapstichild: it took forever to load, but it was worth it!
Eradicator00: hha
Eradicator00: yeah!

Eradicator00: how long u think u gonna be online?
Chapstichild: umm...i actually have to get off for a few minutes so my grandmother can use the phone, but then i'll be back. why?
Eradicator00: ok
Eradicator00: thing is i gtg
Eradicator00: and i be gone till @least 5
Eradicator00: \gaaaah the insanity
Eradicator00: bm
Eradicator00: *nm
Chapstichild: what time should i come over?
Chapstichild: lol
Eradicator00: grrr
Eradicator00: abouts 5!
Eradicator00: if linda comes online, tell her to come @ the same time!
Chapstichild: will do :-)
Chapstichild: cya later!
Chapstichild: oh, do you want me to bring anything?
Eradicator00: thnkz again!
Eradicator00: um.....
Eradicator00: naw! i
Eradicator00: think we be fine
Eradicator00: oki
Eradicator00: later
Chapstichild: buhbye!
Eradicator00: bye
Eradicator00 signed off at 4:08:59 PM.