Heathabear127: hey
eIf princess: heather!!!!!
eIf princess: omg, i just saw moulin rouge
eIf princess: have you seen it?
Heathabear127: nope
eIf princess: it was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good
Heathabear127: cool
eIf princess: lolol i like knew all the songs in it before i had even seen the movie
Heathabear127: lol
eIf princess: is will on?
Heathabear127: nope
eIf princess: ok it's weird, he like only shows up on my jess2045 buddy list
Heathabear127: strange
eIf princess: 37% of the second hp movie!
eIf princess: imeansdkafjsdk the second part of the harry potter movie
eIf princess: lololol the second harry potter movie
Heathabear127: lol
eIf princess: that'd be awesome if i had it
Heathabear127: yeah
Heathabear127: uhhhhhhhhhh, i hate my dad and lisa so much!
Heathabear127: i want to dieeeeeeeeee
eIf princess: i could tell you weren't in the best of moods, what happened?
Heathabear127: aw, that's cute that you could tell i was in a bad mood online lol
eIf princess: WHY IS EVERYTHING I DO "CUTE"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Heathabear127: i was supposed to do my dad's laundry today, and i forgot, and tonight i went over to kevins house, and lisa came over to kevins house and made me come home
eIf princess: sorry, ignore that statement
eIf princess: omg she came over kevins house????? what did she say?
Heathabear127: and then they yelled at me until i was crying so hard i could hardly breathe, and they kept yelling anyway, and threatening to hit me and stuff
Heathabear127: she told kevin's mom i had to come home, and so i went outside and lisa was waiting in the driveway
Heathabear127: i was sooooooo embarassed, kevin will probably never invite me over again
Heathabear127: he might as well just dump me
eIf princess: you know he's not going to dump you
eIf princess: HE'S PRUDE
Heathabear127: you don't know that
Heathabear127: he might have kissed me if stupid lisa hadn't interrupted
Heathabear127: he probably wouldn't have though
Heathabear127: so it doesnt really matter
eIf princess: he will he will
Heathabear127: but when we got home she was telling me that he probably doesnt like me because no one could ever like me cos im a brat and im as ugly as all hell and all this crap...i seriously want to die
Heathabear127: i have nothing
eIf princess: heather noo that's not true
Heathabear127: it is though
Heathabear127: my family hates
Heathabear127: me
Heathabear127: i have no future
eIf princess: you're so pretty and you're the sweetest nicest person i know
eIf princess: lol yes you do!
eIf princess: don't even say that
Heathabear127: thanks, but i know that's not true
eIf princess: ok i'm lying to you
eIf princess: because you know, i always lie
Heathabear127: well, it's not like you're going to tell me all that stuff is true when im this depressed, lol
Heathabear127: you're too sweet
eIf princess: haha me? sweet? IM THE DEVIL
eIf princess: lol look at my warning
Heathabear127: no you're not....my dad is....and lisa is the devil's girlfriend
Heathabear127: lol i know howd you get that
Heathabear127: ?
eIf princess: lisa's the devil's girlfriend lolol
eIf princess: haha liz and i started doing it as a joke to see who could get the highest, and i was iming people telling them to warn me
Heathabear127: hehehe
Heathabear127: that's really funny
eIf princess: then it kind of got out of hand, and now i have to wait 5 seconds between each im i send
eIf princess: its really annoying
Heathabear127: lol
Heathabear127: that's hilarious
Heathabear127: sorry, though, about it being annoying
eIf princess: haha its fine
eIf princess: it'll go down in a few years
Heathabear127: hehehe
Heathabear127: well, at least it made me laugh
eIf princess: lolol its so sad though, i know like WORD FOR WORD the entire first half of the harry potter movie
eIf princess: VERBATIM
Heathabear127: that's cool
Heathabear127: hehehe
Heathabear127: vocab!
Heathabear127: omg!!!
eIf princess: lol
Heathabear127: kevin's sister was playing the harry potter video game when i came over lol
eIf princess: it's not cool, it's pathetic
eIf princess: lol i have that
Heathabear127: and he was helping her because she didn't get it lol
Heathabear127: omg u do?
Heathabear127: hehehe
eIf princess: i've only played it on the laptop though, and it sucks on the laptop
eIf princess: yeah haha
Heathabear127: lol
Heathabear127: ah, i wish kevin would come online so that i could apologize for leaving all of a sudden...i feel so rude
eIf princess: ugh i cant wait until i get dsl
Heathabear127: really? you're getting it?
eIf princess: i
eIf princess: yeah i think so, my mom still hasn't called them back though
Heathabear127: cool!
Heathabear127: have you seen the commercial for the musical episode of even stevens?
eIf princess: and supposedly they can't put it on our roof because we have 'cedar tiles'
Heathabear127: what do they have to put on the roof?
eIf princess: lol no
Heathabear127: you should put it on, we go up there all the time lol
Heathabear127: omg it looks so cool!
eIf princess: i saw even stevens yesterday though, the one when bobby kisses ren
Heathabear127: ooh, i don't think i've seen that one...i love even stevens, though
eIf princess: haha that's the problem, they can put it on the ground, but it has to be facing north, and we have all thsoe trees on the north side of our property
Heathabear127: awww, that sucks! :-(
Heathabear127: you should like chop the trees down lol
Heathabear127: ooh your warning level went down!
eIf princess: lolol i can see me like
eIf princess: out there in the middle of the night
eIf princess: with a chainsaw
eIf princess: "hahahaa you can install it now!!"
Heathabear127: omg that is soooooooooo funny
Heathabear127: rotf
eIf princess: hahah and i can so imagine me doing that too
eIf princess: THIS IS FOR YOU, AOL
Heathabear127: lol you would!!!
Heathabear127: so did will see the "i came up with this all by myself" part of the "he fell on the knife" away message?
Heathabear127: lolol i got this thing of turkey out of the kitchen, and i have been stabbing at it with a knife for like 5 minutes to try and get the plastic open, and it's not ripping at all!!! and im too lazy to go get siccsors, lol
eIf princess: no heh i took it off before he had seen it
eIf princess: i don't care about will anymore HE'S IN THE PAST
eIf princess: lolol heather
Heathabear127: WHAT??? when did this happen?
eIf princess: that's so what i would do
Heathabear127: got it!!!
Heathabear127: but im still too lazy to go warm it up
Heathabear127: ewwwwwwwwwww it tastes bad cold
eIf princess: ever since he got to be a big deal
Heathabear127: so you're not talking to him anymore?
eIf princess: but he's no more
Heathabear127: jess, nooooooooo!
eIf princess: i haven't talked to him in like 5 days and i realized i don't even care
eIf princess: I CAN'T HELP IT, I GET BORED
Heathabear127: don't do that!
eIf princess: yes i'm still talking to him
Heathabear127: i'll stop teasing you about him, i promise!!!
eIf princess: he just hasn't been on
Heathabear127: ohhhhhh, okay
Heathabear127: good lol
eIf princess: don't do what?
Heathabear127: i mean, that's bad, but yeah
eIf princess: NO, YOU THINK I'M WEIRD
Heathabear127: don't stop talking to him
Heathabear127: no i don't!
eIf princess: i will stop, eventually
eIf princess: that always happens after awhile
Heathabear127: but talking to will makes you happy!
Heathabear127: and you've been talking to him for like 2 years!
eIf princess: it happened with kenny, now we barely ever talk
eIf princess: kennie*
eIf princess: look, i can't even spell his name right anymore
Heathabear127: lol
Heathabear127: that doesn't mean that will happen with will
eIf princess: 2 years? no more like 1 1/2
Heathabear127: i mean, it'd be pretty hard to spell will wrong
Heathabear127: lol
eIf princess: it will it will
Heathabear127: you don't know that
eIf princess: lol
eIf princess: yes i do
eIf princess: even if it doesn't happen soon, it will happen
eIf princess: we'll go to college, get married, have kids.. we're not going to still be talkign through that
Heathabear127: okay, so maybe it will happen eventually, but not now
Heathabear127: and besides, what if you guys somehow ended up at the same college or something?
eIf princess: ok not now but i'm not going to talk about him anymore because it's stupid
Heathabear127: okay, if that's what you want...but i don't think it's stupid at all
eIf princess: lol we wont
eIf princess: i wouldnt want to
eIf princess: itd be scary meeting him
Heathabear127: why?
eIf princess: ok think about meeting peter
Heathabear127: okay, peter is a freak...it wouldn't be scary to meet my other online friends that probably aren't child molestors...will is probably perfectly normal!
eIf princess: hahahaha
eIf princess: you obviously don't know him
Heathabear127: okay, maybe not, but would he said you a picture like the picture peter sent to me?
eIf princess: if you're ever online and i am too, and he signs on, tell me
Heathabear127: who, peter?
Heathabear127: or will?
eIf princess: no he's too shy
eIf princess: will
Heathabear127: lol...to strait is more like it
Heathabear127: pink overalls lol
Heathabear127: too
Heathabear127: hahaha
Heathabear127: what an idiot!!!
Heathabear127: k
eIf princess: ?
Heathabear127: lol and i spelled strait wrong
Heathabear127: hahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhha
eIf princess: ohhh i get it
eIf princess: lol actually i think will's gay
Heathabear127: what? why?
eIf princess: lololol you spelled it like george strait.. i was like wtf
Heathabear127: rotf
Heathabear127: lololol
eIf princess: little too much country heather
Heathabear127: i know i know
eIf princess: because haha he NEVER talks about girls ever
Heathabear127: it's all your fault :-)
Heathabear127: about the country lol
eIf princess: and whenever i mention he's gay as a joke he gets really defensive
Heathabear127: maybe it's because he likes you, and he thinks that if he talks about other girls, you won't like him
Heathabear127: really?
Heathabear127: lol
eIf princess: lol
eIf princess: you're welcome
Heathabear127: you're welcome?
eIf princess: no no that's not it, he's just really inexperienced with girls and jksdfjd
Heathabear127: awwwwww
Heathabear127: i seriously think we should go meet him after we go to cedar point this summer
Heathabear127: awwwwww! :-)
Heathabear127: yay!!!
Heathabear127: he's not showing up on my buddylist
Heathabear127: is tacocat whatever his only sn?
eIf princess: HE'S ON, WTF?
Heathabear127: he is?
Heathabear127: sorry i didn't tell u...if i had known i would of
Heathabear127: ahhhhh thats so weird
Heathabear127: maybe its cos im on aim
Heathabear127: but usually he shows up
eIf princess: brb
Heathabear127: k
eIf princess: Tac0caT911w (11:38:48 PM): that reminds me of this one girl
Heathabear127: wow he talked about a girl! lol
eIf princess: lolol
Heathabear127: what reminded him?
eIf princess: i thought taht was funny
eIf princess: my warning level
Heathabear127: hahaha
Heathabear127: ewwwwwwww, remember my online friend that i told you about who's 16 and getting married?
eIf princess: ugh i'm missing conan
Heathabear127: lol
eIf princess: yeah?
Heathabear127: oh, well the other day, she was like "and then we went in my room and did something you're too young to hear about" and i was like "but i'm the same age as you!!!" and now they do it like everyday...she's such a slut, lol
eIf princess: WTF
eIf princess: you're too young to hear about???????
eIf princess: and youi're the same age!!!!!!! THAT PISSES ME OFF
Heathabear127: lol
Heathabear127: actually she's 3 months older than me...she has the same birthday as kevin, lol
Heathabear127: aaaaah my sister is sick and i think i might be catching it
Heathabear127: lol
Heathabear127: at kevin's house, we were watching a movie and he had his arm around me, and i had to keep wiping my nose lol
Heathabear127: hehehe
Heathabear127: c'mon, cell protector vitamins!!! work!!!
eIf princess: lol
eIf princess: what movie>
Heathabear127: the mummy returns
Heathabear127: btw, i've been meaning to ask you, what does the i in eif princess mean? is it like elf princess or something?
eIf princess: this is liz Cocobongo4144 (11:48:12 PM): bleh come back. hehe i am bored!! i need more than three people to talk to.
: lol
Heathabear127: more than 3?
Heathabear127: wtf?
Heathabear127: lol
Heathabear127: i g2g my dad wants the comp
eIf princess: ok bye bye!
: if kevin comes on, will you tell him that i'm sorry?
eIf princess: yeah, and then ill tell him to KISS YOU
: lololol
Heathabear127: well okay
Heathabear127: hahaha
Heathabear127: thanks
Heathabear127: buh-bye!