Heathabear127: lol friends was like depressing
vociferation: lol i know
Heathabear127: and that show after it was sick
Heathabear127: lol
vociferation: OMG
vociferation: I KNOW
vociferation: IT SUCKED
vociferation: i thought it was going to be good
Heathabear127: she just like randomly slept with that guy and she like didn't even know his name!
vociferation: lol i know
Heathabear127: i didn't, cos i was mad that they cancelled brekin meyer's show lol
vociferation: he was really cute though
Heathabear127: yeah
vociferation: what show was breckin meyer in?
vociferation: oh tha sschwartz
vociferation: thing
Heathabear127: yeah
Heathabear127: i love him!
Heathabear127: brekin meyer is the coolest name ever
Heathabear127: inside schwartz!
Heathabear127: that's it
vociferation: inside schwatz!
Heathabear127: lol i like couldn't remember
vociferation: +r
Heathabear127: aaaaah
Heathabear127: omg
Heathabear127: we're the same
vociferation: schwatz lol
vociferation: lolol
Heathabear127: omg
Heathabear127: i was just typing that
vociferation: say schwatz out loud lolol
Heathabear127: writing as you typed it
vociferation: omg
Heathabear127: the schwatz thing lol
vociferation: weird
vociferation: we're the same person lol
Heathabear127: we're the same
Heathabear127: omg
Heathabear127: stop
vociferation: lololol
vociferation: thats so weird
Heathabear127: i know!
Heathabear127: i love it though
Heathabear127: it's so cool
vociferation: haha i know