Heathabear127: Hi Jess!
Jess2045: heather!!!!
Jess2045: hi
Heathabear127: What's up?
Jess2045: i saw lotr agfain
Heathabear127: lol cool!
Heathabear127: omg! i forgot to tell you!'
Jess2045: hahaha i saw the part when bilbo gets all evil
Jess2045: and he like barks
Jess2045: what?
Jess2045: uh oh she's typing a paragraph
Jess2045: lol
Heathabear127: i was watching a rerun of friends the other day, and they are waiting for their old friend to come visit them, and he's like this party animal and they can't wait to stay out all night doing whatever he has planned, and his name is gandoff! (or however you spell it!) and he never shows up, and joey is like, "where the hell is this wizard guy?!" it's so funny!
Heathabear127: lol
Jess2045: heath?
Heathabear127: actually i was talking on my dad's cell phone and typing so i was typing pretty slowly
Heathabear127: sorry
Heathabear127: lol
Jess2045: lolol
Jess2045: gandalf
Jess2045: just so you know
Heathabear127: lol thanks
Jess2045: omg, download "faith" by george michael
Heathabear127: i can't wait to read them
Heathabear127: okay . . . ooh, we were listening to that in the car the other day, right?
Heathabear127: that was really cool!
Jess2045: yeah
Heathabear127: oh, i've been meaning to ask you, what's the name of that country song that you made me listen to that one day when i went on your bus? okay, you probably don't remember, cos that's like such a bad description, but i really liked that song and i really want to dl it! it was the prettiest song ever! lo!
Heathabear127: *lol
Heathabear127: omg you're like the only person who's been online all day
Heathabear127: stupid Christmas lol
Jess2045: wait how long ago was that
Heathabear127: it was at the beginning of the year...it was on the cd that you forgot to put austin on...that's all i remember, lol
Heathabear127: oh, and bohemian rhapsody is on it
Jess2045: hmm let me check
Jess2045: i might have it
Heathabear127: yay1
Heathabear127: thank you!!! i love you!!!!
Jess2045: wait uh
Jess2045: was it a slow soong?
Heathabear127: yeah
Jess2045: ugh noo its liz
Jess2045: shes so annoying online
Heathabear127: lokl
Heathabear127: i likeher
Jess2045: was it a woman?
Heathabear127: no it was a guy
Jess2045: OH
Jess2045: was it phil vassar?
Heathabear127: i dunno
Heathabear127: lol i'm so unhelpful
Jess2045: john michael montgomery??
Jess2045: hold onto me
Jess2045: on to*
Jess2045: thats it it hink
Heathabear127: yesssssssssssssssssssss
Heathabear127: thank yoouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
Jess2045: john michael montgomery.. hold on to me
Heathabear127: you are the greatest!!!!!
Jess2045: dowload that
Jess2045: =n
Jess2045: +n
Jess2045: lol you're welcome
Heathabear127: lol i can't believe you figured it out based on the little information i gave you hahah
Jess2045: of course
Jess2045: well i AM the criminal mastermind
Heathabear127: rotf
Jess2045: have you seen the emperors new groove>?
Heathabear127: nope . . . it looks good, though
Jess2045: rotf?
Jess2045: rollin gon the floor?
Heathabear127: at the criminal mastermind thing . . . yeah.
Jess2045: lolol
Jess2045: thats just like saying you're randomly rolling on the floor, not laughing or anything, just rolling
Jess2045: lololol
Heathabear127: lol!!! that's one of the funniest things you've ever said
Heathabear127: and you're like the funniest person i know!
Jess2045: i have the weirdest sense of humorrrr
Heathabear127: ah!! i've started typing like when i talk online, because i type like i talk!!!! it's so weird!
Heathabear127: me too!
Jess2045: hahah thanks?
Jess2045: im a dork
Heathabear127: omg!!!! my dad took the computer out of my room because patrice told him i would look at porn or something!
Heathabear127: lolololo
Jess2045: lololololololol
Heathabear127: i want it back in my room so badly!!! it's like on the floor in the living room, lol!!!
Heathabear127: and he bought a flat screen monitor, but he's keeping it for himself!!! lol!
Jess2045: ugh that sucks
Jess2045: the comp in my aunts house is in the basement, and i sleep in the basement, its awesome
Jess2045: omg she has a webcam too
Jess2045: and i took the gayest pic of myself
Heathabear127: really? that's awesome!!!
Heathabear127: lol
Heathabear127: is it online? can i see it?
Jess2045: yeah
Jess2045: hahah ills end it tyou
Heathabear127: thanks
Jess2045: ugh my mom is making me get off`
Heathabear127: aww :-(
Heathabear127: well, i'll ttyl
Jess2045: if will signs on, tell him ill be back on at 11
Heathabear127: okay
Heathabear127: Merry Christmas!
Heathabear127: buh-bye!
Jess2045: ill send you the pic though
Heathabear127: thanks