LittleLadyhawke2: I wouldn't change it! They only suggestion I have is that you write it in paragraph format, rather than poetic format. Makes it seem more like a loving letter
Chapstichild: wow, that's a really good idea! i hadn't even thought of that! thanks!!!
LittleLadyhawke2: You are very welcome :-)
Chapstichild: i also was thinking of putting something like "my soul reason for getting up in the morning is you alone" but i thought that sounded too deep, and also something like "i think about you all the time, i can't wait until we next cross paths" but i thought that sounded too pathetic, lol
LittleLadyhawke2: You are on my mind day and night. I can't wait until next you're in my sight (just an idea)
Chapstichild: wow, that sounds amaaaaaaaaazing
Chapstichild: how did you get to be such a good writer?????? you are a genius!!!!!!!1
LittleLadyhawke2: :-) You're making me blush.
Chapstichild: it's true though!!!!!!!!!!!!! ah, so this is why i love your fanfic so much! lol
Chapstichild: that was the prettiest line ever!!!!
LittleLadyhawke2: Thank you. I appreciate the compliment, but the line was inspired by what you have already written.
Chapstichild: no, it sounded about 5000000000000000000000000000000 times better than what i wrote
Chapstichild: you are soooooo talented
LittleLadyhawke2: Aww shucks!! Thank you :-D
Chapstichild: of course!!! wow, that was so pretty!
Chapstichild: that was so cool how you just took this crappy little idea and turned it in to this beautiful line!
LittleLadyhawke2: It was sooo not crappy! As a matter of fact, there is a little inkling of an idea for a possible story forming because of it
Chapstichild: yaayyyyyy jewel's gonna write something!!!
Chapstichild: and then heather's gonna read it and write a reeeeeeeally long e-mail about how amazing it is!!!!
LittleLadyhawke2: Maybe. If I can work it out in my head. But let's concentrate on you. ;-)
Chapstichild: lol no let's not
LittleLadyhawke2: Heather is just too good to me.
Chapstichild: but is it okay for me to use that line in my poem?
LittleLadyhawke2: Of course! :-)
Chapstichild: awww, thank you
Chapstichild: if it weren't so weird i would put author's notes and acknowledgements at the top of the poem like fanfic and give you a whole bunch of praise, hehe
LittleLadyhawke2: No, no, no, no. I'd deny the whole thing ;-)
Chapstichild: ah, i'm afraid i can't let you do that, lol
Chapstichild: thank you soooooooooooo much for all of your help
LittleLadyhawke2: Uh oh. It seems we have come an impasse. I'm pulling rank (or is that age?)
LittleLadyhawke2: No problem at all. It is the least I can do.
Chapstichild: no fair!!!!!!!! lolol
LittleLadyhawke2: He he he I can do that. I saw it written in the rule book somewhere.
Chapstichild: yeah, the rule book that you stole off of csm's desk, lol
Chapstichild: ooooh fic idea haha
LittleLadyhawke2: Hmmm.....
Chapstichild: yesssssss
Chapstichild: i haven't written any fics since like freshman year lol
LittleLadyhawke2: It's been well over a year for me.
Chapstichild: hmm... i think we should both promise each other that we'll write (or at least start) one fic by the end of the month. what do you think?
LittleLadyhawke2: sounds like a plan to me.
Chapstichild: yay!!!! :-)
Chapstichild: ah, so exciting lol
LittleLadyhawke2: I agree!
LittleLadyhawke2 signed off at 11:02:12 PM.
LittleLadyhawke2 signed on at 11:03:08 PM.
Chapstichild: so, what's new in your life?