Heathabear127: Hey jules
Heathabear127: what's up?
JNorman10: Hey Heather
JNorman10: not much, how about you?
Heathabear127: not too much, im going to the middle school talent show in a few minutes, though
JNorman10: I juz heard that it was tonight
Heathabear127: yup
Heathabear127: hey u changed your icon lol
Heathabear127: it's funny
Heathabear127: i like it
JNorman10: the blade one?
Heathabear127: yeah
Heathabear127: hey, do you know amy pez's phone number?
JNorman10: hehe...thanks :-) When I heard bout the V-show I was tempted to go...but I'm withholding that temptation, lol
Heathabear127: lol
Heathabear127: i think it's sold out
JNorman10: umm...let me see if I can find it
Heathabear127: cos i got a ticket in advance
Heathabear127: thanks
JNorman10: did u check the buzz book?
Heathabear127: don't have one lol
JNorman10: I'll check...
Heathabear127: thanks
JNorman10: 438.4652
Heathabear127: thanks so much!
JNorman10: yupp
Heathabear127: that julie norman, she's so cool
JNorman10: lol
JNorman10: ur insane
JNorman10: lol
Heathabear127: thanks
Heathabear127: i try lol
JNorman10: haha
Heathabear127: k i g2g