Mr Smiley0: hi heather! :o)

Auto response from Heathabear127: Hi! Sorry, I can't chat right now...I'm working on my Mockingbird paper, just like everyone else is. So, essentially, no one will ever see this message since we're all working. If you do, though, leave me a message, and I'll get back to you soon. Thanks! Love, Heather

Heathabear127: Awww, hi Kevin! How's it going?
Mr Smiley0: bueno
Mr Smiley0: how's mockingbird goin?
Mr Smiley0: is that due tomorrow?
Heathabear127: It's going well...almost done. :-)
Heathabear127: Yeah, I think so
Mr Smiley0: with bibliography?
Heathabear127: I don't think so...I'll ask Julie, though, she'll know
Mr Smiley0: she won't return my IM :o(
Heathabear127: Awww, poor Kevin. I asked Olga, and she said no
Heathabear127: How was Wisconsin?
Mr Smiley0: wisc was good.
Mr Smiley0: met up wit me amigos
Heathabear127: Cool! Sounds like fun!
Heathabear127: Julie said no about turning in a bibliography, too
Mr Smiley0: yeah she just told me
Mr Smiley0: so what did you do this weekend?
Heathabear127: Umm...on Friday, I went skating with Mark and Julie, and then I went to the movies with Jess and saw Kate & Leopold. It was sooo good, it's like my new favorite movie...not really, though, lol. Saturday I went to work and studied, and today I studied some more, lol
Heathabear127: What did you do with your friends in Wisconsin?
Mr Smiley0: played with paintballs
Heathabear127: Ooh, sounds fun!
Mr Smiley0: made fun of my friend who suddenly went hippie on us
Heathabear127: hehehe
Mr Smiley0: i got kicked for buying a shirt that apparently was the same as this girl's brother
Mr Smiley0: WHO HOO
Heathabear127: Aw, poor Kevin!!! I guess I'll have to go over there and beat that person up, lol...when I get done with them, they'll be nothing!!! hahaha!
Heathabear127: i know, im scary lol
Heathabear127: really? that's awesome!!!
Mr Smiley0: oh save me jebus
Heathabear127: lol
Mr Smiley0: (guess you never saw that one)
Heathabear127: nope, can't say i it from the simpsons or something?
Mr Smiley0: simpsons
Heathabear127: Cool
Mr Smiley0: homer watches pbs, pledges 10 thousand dollars to get them to stop doing the drive for money thing
Mr Smiley0: the pbs people try and kill him, so he seeks sanctuary in the church, and they send him off to teach god to the natives
Mr Smiley0: and he keeps going "BUT I DONT EVEN BELIEVE IN JEBUS."
Heathabear127: Really? That's hilarious! I have to see that
Heathabear127: lololol
Mr Smiley0: then he finds a radio and starts talking into it saying "oh save me jebus save me jebus."
Mr Smiley0: it's a classic
Heathabear127: hehehe
Heathabear127: Oh, I have to figure out a day to have my party when everyone can come...I was thinking about next Monday, because we don't have school, but you work on Mondays, right?
Mr Smiley0: yeah
Mr Smiley0: until either 7 or 8
Heathabear127: Okay, that won't work then...ummm, what about January 20? That's a Sunday
Mr Smiley0: maybe. depends on how barnes and noble goes.
Mr Smiley0: is that the day before martin luther king day?
Heathabear127: Um, yeah
Mr Smiley0: oh. i don't see the problem then i guess
Heathabear127: Yay!!! oh, and by the way, you can invite one of your friends to the party, cos otherwise you'd be the only guy, lol
Heathabear127: So, did you turn in your application for Barnes & Noble?
Mr Smiley0: it's buffed. polished. ready to go.
Mr Smiley0: anyway i gotta go finish mockingbird. i'll see ya tomorrow aight?
Heathabear127: Okay!
Heathabear127: Will you be on the bus?
Mr Smiley0: no. because i hate the bus and john jonasen and waking up early.
Heathabear127: aw :-(
Mr Smiley0: yeah i'll be on the bus.
Heathabear127: lol yay
Heathabear127: you scared me lol
Mr Smiley0: (did i confuse u)
Heathabear127: oh, i'm always confused lol
Heathabear127: good luck on your paper!
Mr Smiley0: oh. by the way i hear that your upset that we don't spend enough time together
Heathabear127: not upset...just a little sad cos i miss you lol
Mr Smiley0: hold on
Mr Smiley0: your not upset are you?
Heathabear127: no
Heathabear127: who told you that?
Mr Smiley0: alright
Mr Smiley0: ill see you tomorrow
Heathabear127: wait now you're mad at me!
Mr Smiley0: bye
Heathabear127: buh-bye!
Mr Smiley0: are you going in the chat?
Heathabear127: what chat?
Mr Smiley0: do you have aol or just the instant messanger
Heathabear127: just instant messanger...sorry
Mr Smiley0: ?
Mr Smiley0: oh i c
Mr Smiley0: never mind . catch ya tomorrow then
Mr Smiley0: bye
Heathabear127: buh-bye!