Mr Smiley0: 'ello again
Heathabear127: Yay! You're back! :-)
Mr Smiley0: yeah...apparently my computer ran out of i know what that means
Heathabear127: hahaha
Mr Smiley0: what kinda resources does a computer have anyway
Heathabear127: i dunno lol
Heathabear127: maybe it means the memory or something
Mr Smiley0: arg
Heathabear127: what's wrong?
Mr Smiley0: it just sucks
Mr Smiley0: the it would do that to me
Heathabear127: awwww, i'm sorry
Heathabear127: poor kevin :-(
Mr Smiley0: whatever. it's not horrible. i'm online now.
Heathabear127: good point
Heathabear127: you're so optimistic
Heathabear127: that's really cool
Mr Smiley0: optimistic? isn't it more like realistic?
Heathabear127: lol keviiiiiin just take the compliment
Mr Smiley0: you know i'm so right
Heathabear127: nope, i think you're wrong, just this once lol
Mr Smiley0: you r so going down
Mr Smiley0: ;o)
Heathabear127: bring it on :-)
Heathabear127: maybe phil's fight club will come in handy, hehehe
Mr Smiley0: omg
Mr Smiley0: save me jebus
Heathabear127: lol
Heathabear127: you're so funny
Heathabear127: i so have to see that episdoe
Heathabear127: *episode
Mr Smiley0: well i'm a gonna go study som more
Mr Smiley0: see ya tomorrow
Mr Smiley0: bye
Heathabear127: Okay
Heathabear127: Buh-bye!
Mr Smiley0 signed off at 10:02:59 PM.