Mr Smiley0: hey heather!
Mr Smiley0: s'up
Heathabear127: LOL, sorry, I think that got sent twice . . . sorry!
Heathabear127: Not much, you?
Mr Smiley0: just enterin aol addys
Heathabear127: Sounds like fun :-)
Heathabear127: How was the dentist?
Mr Smiley0: listenin to a little peaches and cream
Heathabear127: Ooh, they're awesome! Shake Your Groove Thing, lol
Heathabear127: That's actually the only song I know by them, LOl
Heathabear127: But from what I've heard, they're pretty cool
Mr Smiley0: yeah there nice
Mr Smiley0: and i was at the dentist for 3 hoursS!
Heathabear127: Wow! That's crazy! Why? Are your teeth okay?
Mr Smiley0: yeah their fine. my two sisters also had their appointments today
Heathabear127: Cool . . . are their teeth okay?
Heathabear127: lol
Mr Smiley0: hey now!
Heathabear127: Hmm?
Mr Smiley0: so who's this mel character?
Heathabear127: Mel Bushnick?
Mr Smiley0: LZTennisChick85?
Heathabear127: That's her
Heathabear127: She asked what your sn was, so I told her . . . Sorry, I didn't think you'd care :-)
Mr Smiley0: not really.
Mr Smiley0: just curious
Heathabear127: Just ignore her if you don't want to talk to her . . . like the creepy old guy from "Oklahoma!" hehehe
Mr Smiley0: oh my
Mr Smiley0: not him!
Heathabear127: LOL
Heathabear127: I saw the director from "Oklahoma!" at work today, and she thought he was creepy, too, even before I told her the story. He's so weird!
Mr Smiley0: does this mel girl, does she go to lz?
Heathabear127: Work was really fun today, though. It'd been getting boring, but I hadn't been there in a couple of weeks, and it was really fun. I was really hyper, LOL
Heathabear127: Yeah
Heathabear127: She's the one who was talking to us when we got off the bus this morning
Mr Smiley0: someone was talking to us off the bus?
Mr Smiley0: AHH! my life is passing before my eyes....
Heathabear127: lol! You're so funny!
Heathabear127: I'll point her out to you tomorrow, k?
Mr Smiley0: what year is she?
Mr Smiley0: soph?
Heathabear127: Yeah
Mr Smiley0: i've got el yearbook
Heathabear127: Ooh, cool
Mr Smiley0: i know. i just smoked mel.she's toast
Mr Smiley0: she's done
Heathabear127: lol
Heathabear127: what's that mean?
Mr Smiley0: she thought i don't know her. i've got her picture, she's done for. i know her tricks now. yes. i will rule....hahahahah
Mr Smiley0: what?
Heathabear127: lol
Heathabear127: hmm?
Mr Smiley0: como?
Heathabear127: está
Heathabear127: ¿?
Heathabear127: hehehe
Mr Smiley0: oh my
Heathabear127: I was so hyper at work . . . every 10 minutes i was like "i wanna go online and talk to kevin!" and my friend was like, "omg . . . you dumb internet addict..." it was pretty funny, but i guess you had to have been there, because it really doesn't sound funny now, lol
Mr Smiley0: well it doesn't really sound. it looks
Heathabear127: Oooh, well excuse me :-)
Mr Smiley0: oh my
Mr Smiley0: oh my
Heathabear127: lions and tigers and bears, oh my
Mr Smiley0: OI!
Heathabear127: I'm so excited! Jess is taking me to see "Bye Bye Birdie" tomorrow as my bday present!
Heathabear127: lol
Heathabear127: She's such a good friend!
Mr Smiley0: tis a good play
Mr Smiley0: not much of a suprise though
Heathabear127: I know, she just told me when we were going today, though . . . it was good timing, too, because someone told me she was gossiping about me . . . so I wasn't mad at her, cos I've never been mad at her, but I was kinda sad. And then she was like "We're going to Bye Bye Birdie tomorrow" and it was all better, lol
Mr Smiley0: gotchya
Heathabear127: ooh, download "ode to harry potter"! it's really funny!
Mr Smiley0: not you. not hermione. ME
Heathabear127: lol that's the greatest!
Heathabear127: you're too funny