Heathabear127: Hey Kevin! What's up?
Mr Smiley0: nothin major. how are you doin?
Heathabear127: I'm great, thanks! I just got back from Bye Bye Birdie . . . How are you?
Mr Smiley0: i'm good. how was the play?
Heathabear127: It was amazing! It was really funny and romantic . . . actually, the romance part was kind of evil, which just made it even funnier, lol
Mr Smiley0: that's true
Heathabear127: How do you think you did on the English test?
Mr Smiley0: good. it was pretty easy
Mr Smiley0: i was kind of scared at first cause i never got to finish the book.
Heathabear127: lol how far did you get?
Mr Smiley0: halfway through the third book.
Mr Smiley0: not bad. but still.
Heathabear127: Eh, you're a genius . . . you could probably get an A on it even if you hadn't read it at all, hehe
Mr Smiley0: how about you? did you think it was easy?
Mr Smiley0: aww. thank ya. but you know your pretty bright too if i do say.
Heathabear127: Yeah . . . I was pretty worried about it, because Jess and I are really disruptive in English, and we don't really pay attention . . . which I feel really bad about, because Mrs. Weinstein is such a great teacher, but English is the only time I see Jess all day, so we're pretty talkative and stuff.
Heathabear127: Awwwwwww, thanks! That's so sweet! I'm really not, though
Heathabear127: Jess and I are so bad in English . . . the other day, Jess was trying to put more blush on me because she said I didn't have enough on. I didn't want her to, though, so I leaned away from her, and I fell out of my desk while Mrs. Weinstein was lecturing! Hehehe
Mr Smiley0: hahaha
Heathabear127: So, what's new with you?
Mr Smiley0: nothin really. finished a couple projects. plan to have behind the wheel done by dec. 15th
Mr Smiley0 signed off at 11:06:42 PM.
Mr Smiley0 signed on at 11:09:37 PM.
Heathabear127: Yay! You're back lol
Mr Smiley0: my connection really sucks
Heathabear127: That's so cool that you'll have your liscense soon! How exciting! Which classes did you have projects for?
Heathabear127: Yeah, mine too
Mr Smiley0: jazz band and algebra II
Heathabear127: Cool
Mr Smiley0: got em done. now i can slack again
Heathabear127: lol
Mr Smiley0: have you ever heard the monorail song from the simpson's?
Heathabear127: Yes! That's the greatest song ever! I've got it on my computer
Mr Smiley0: monorail.....MONORAIL.....MONORAIL>>>>>>>
Heathabear127: But main street's still all cracked and broken
Heathabear127: Sorry, mom, the mob has spoken
Mr Smiley0: sorry mom, the mob has spoke....monorail....MONORAIL....MONORAILLLLLL
Heathabear127: lol that's freaky!
Mr Smiley0: mono....do'h!
Heathabear127: monorail . . . monorail . . . monorail!
Heathabear127: I'm listening to it now . . . hehe
Heathabear127: Now, wait a minute . . . we're twice as smart as the people of Shelbyville! Just tell us your idea, and we'll vote for it!
Heathabear127: lol, i'll shut up now . . . i'm probably scarying you
Heathabear127: did you download ode to harry potter?
Mr Smiley0: nope sry. it's on the list though
Heathabear127: Cool
Heathabear127: I should probably get going . . . I still have homework.
Mr Smiley0: i c
Mr Smiley0: i'll catch you tomorrow then?
Heathabear127: Sounds good!
Mr Smiley0: adios
Heathabear127: Buh-bye!