Heathabear127: Kevin!!!
Mr Smiley0: Heather!
Mr Smiley0: how was the meeting?
Heathabear127: It was really fun! I missed you, though . . . and I wouldn't shut up about it, so finally Jem put duct tape on my mouth, lol. How was work?
Mr Smiley0: good. went over some new focus's for the month...even though they're cutting back hours EVEN MORE.
Heathabear127: What?! How can they cut back your hours more? You only have one shift, right? :-(
Mr Smiley0: yeah.
Mr Smiley0: they say next month will be worse
Heathabear127: OMG!!! That's so awful!!! I'm really sorry!!! I feel so bad for you!
Heathabear127: Aw, poor Kevin!
Heathabear127: I'm gonna have to go down there and beat the crap out of those mean Score people . . .
Mr Smiley0: oh
Mr Smiley0: my
Mr Smiley0: god
Heathabear127: l
Heathabear127: o
Heathabear127: l