Jmont125: i am sorry you're IM box was hidden
Jmont125: ummmm i applied at about ten places
Chapstichild: haha that's ok
Chapstichild: wow, how long ago did you apply?
Jmont125: way back
Jmont125: back in the day
Chapstichild: you should call them
Jmont125: no
Chapstichild: why not?
Jmont125: i don't know why i capitalized
Jmont125: i have called a few of them
Jmont125: u working?
Chapstichild: i was, but i took a little break... now i'm caddying and baby-sitting
Jmont125: awesome
Jmont125: at least you are raking in the cash
Jmont125: cash flow
Chapstichild: haha i guess... it was nice having a steady job, but then again, it's nice to be able to make my own schedule
Jmont125: yes
Chapstichild: how's the band?
Jmont125: really good
Jmont125: we played an acoustic show at jon's house tonight
Jmont125: it was so much fun
Jmont125: it has always been like my dream to play music and sing for people and for one night it actually worked out
Chapstichild: that's awesome!!! that sounds so cool!
Chapstichild: congratulations on your dream coming true
Jmont125: lol
Jmont125: pathetic little dream of mine
Chapstichild: nope, not pathetic at all
Jmont125: have you talked to jess lately about it?
Jmont125: i guess that idea died
Chapstichild: nah, we really haven't talked about it much lately
Chapstichild: what happened with that?
Jmont125: she blew us off time and time again
Chapstichild: aw, i'm sorry...that sucks
Chapstichild: she must have had a good reason, though
Jmont125: it's cool
Jmont125: how is she doing?
Chapstichild: i can see how that'd be really frusrating, though
Chapstichild: she's doing pretty well, i think... we went to six flags today
Chapstichild: so that was really cool
Jmont125: she doesn't have a good reason
Jmont125: she was in her house seeing us on caller ID and wouldn't pick up the phone
Jmont125: mel told me
Jmont125: that's good
Jmont125: is it the medication thats helpin her out alot?
Chapstichild: well, she's my best friend, so i'm gonna stick with the good reason thing
Chapstichild: yeah, she's on new stuff now that i think is working better
Jmont125: that's good
Chapstichild: yeah
Jmont125: oh man i was so worried about her for a while, and i know that sounds weird cuz i mean we were never really friends, but i was genuinely concerned
Jmont125: but enough about that?
Jmont125: ixnay on the question mark
Chapstichild: aw, that's really nice that you were so worried about her
Chapstichild: i was really worried, too
Chapstichild: but yeah, enough about that, lol
Jmont125: well yeah you are best friends
Jmont125: so are there any boys that you have got your eye upon?
Jmont125: or are you still recovering from the relationship with kevin barry
Chapstichild: hehe, yes, best friends... and anyone who tries to steal her dies, lol
Chapstichild: jk
Chapstichild: well, i went out with phil collins for like 4 days in may, but then yeah, i decided i wasn't over kevin
Jmont125: o really?
Jmont125: so there was a couple sitting behind me in creative writing for four days
Chapstichild: haha yeah... i feel really bad about that, though, i really hurt phil
Chapstichild: but what about you? any girls?
Jmont125: yea i am going out with stephanie hildebrandt
Jmont125: for two weeks
Chapstichild: awwwww, really? that's so cute!!!
Chapstichild: awwwwww stephanie's so nice!!!