Actorsinger2001: hi
Actorsinger2001: back
Heathabear127: wb
Actorsinger2001: I have a question
Heathabear127: how'd u get my sn?
Heathabear127: yeah?
Actorsinger2001: if I asked u out during OKLAHOMA what would u have said
Heathabear127: well, your really nice, mario, and i would love to get to know you better, but it would be like, illegal for me to go out with you
Actorsinger2001: only if we have sex and thats not the only thing in a relationship
Heathabear127: that's true, but still, 5 years is a big difference . . . and i don't know you very well, either.
Actorsinger2001: hopw old do u think I am
Heathabear127: 19, right?
Actorsinger2001: no
Actorsinger2001: when do u turn 16
Heathabear127: oh, sorry. how old are you?
Actorsinger2001: when do u turn 16
Heathabear127: friday
Actorsinger2001: ok I am 18 now and I turn 19 june 30th so really its like 2.5 years
Actorsinger2001: so do u have a bf
Heathabear127: not officially
Actorsinger2001: what does that mena
Heathabear127: no, but i like someone, and i hear he likes me too . . . we're not going out, though
Actorsinger2001: high school memorys
Heathabear127: lol
Heathabear127: u there?