Chapstichild: Hi Mark! It's Heather...I got a new screen name :-)
Bass ps70: lol
Bass ps70: well, it certainly fits
Chapstichild: haha thanks
Chapstichild: what's up?
Bass ps70: not much
Bass ps70: you?
Chapstichild: not too much, either...i just got back from the orchestra concert
Bass ps70: oh, how was it?
Chapstichild: it was really good! it was pretty short, too, which always surprises me, because the choir concerts are like 5 hours long, lol
Bass ps70: lol
Bass ps70: well, thats just choir
Bass ps70: all of us instramentalists like to keep it short
Chapstichild: lol of course, being that you're so superior and all
Bass ps70: thats right. how did you know??
Bass ps70: j/k
Bass ps70: ;-)
Chapstichild: choir geeks aren't as dumb as we look, even if we don't play an instrument
Chapstichild: heh
Bass ps70: nah, your dumber
Bass ps70: j/k
Bass ps70: i had to
Bass ps70: sorry
Chapstichild: oh, well you just used the wrong form of your
Chapstichild: so there
Chapstichild: whose dumb now?
Chapstichild: jk :-)
Chapstichild: who's
Chapstichild: haha
Bass ps70: lol
Bass ps70: i know
Chapstichild: omg i'm an idiot
Bass ps70: what?
Chapstichild: Chapstichild: whose dumb now?
Chapstichild: *who's
Bass ps70: lol
Chapstichild: but at least i got to read in english, haha
Bass ps70: lol
Bass ps70: yeah, what nosegay??
Chapstichild: hahaha i wonder what that means
Bass ps70: thats not a very challengeing part
Bass ps70: i have no idea
Chapstichild: the other day i was complaining to jess about not getting to read, and she said something about mrs. weinstein being obsessed with tony reading. so i was like, "let's see, who hasn't read in awhile? ah, tony, you haven't read since, what, yesterday?" and apparently tony was right behind me, lol
Chapstichild: i felt so bad, he probably thinks i was gossiping about him
Chapstichild: haha
Bass ps70: lol
Bass ps70: ah, dont worry about it, tony is a smart kid, he can handle himself
Chapstichild: haha yeah
Chapstichild: have you heard of SmarterChild?
Bass ps70: lol
Bass ps70: hm, lets see if i still have that convo....
Chapstichild: lolol i got bryan obsessed with it
Bass ps70: ooo, i do
Bass ps70: can you handle some profanity?
Chapstichild: yes, i think i might be able to
Bass ps70: ok
Chapstichild: but the you have to read my convo with him
Chapstichild: *then
Chapstichild: heh
Bass ps70: heres one of my litle convos with it
Bass ps70: Bass ps70 (7:55:43 PM): fuck you, litle bastard
SmarterChild (7:55:45 PM): Hi once again,
Bass ps70!

Check out this story: Middle East
Fighting Soars Unchecked
(03/06/02 06:15 PM)

Uh... I beg your pardon?
Bass ps70 (7:56:00 PM): you heard me you little pimp
wanna be
SmarterChild (7:56:03 PM): That right?
Bass ps70 (7:57:09 PM): yes, you god damn piece of shit
SmarterChild (7:57:10 PM): That's pretty
naughty there, Bass ps70!
Bass ps70 (7:57:20 PM): your damn strait
SmarterChild (7:57:21 PM): My damn strait?
Bass ps70 (7:57:37 PM): but its not as naughty as i get
with your mama
SmarterChild (7:57:38 PM): I'm sorry?
Bass ps70 (7:58:19 PM): ok, you little piece of shit, lets
SmarterChild (7:58:20 PM): That's pretty
naughty there, Bass ps70!
Bass ps70 (7:58:35 PM): ill kick your ass so hard, youll be
eating it for a week
SmarterChild (7:58:37 PM): Hello!

Care to keep it civilized, Bass

Bass ps70: Bass ps70 (7:59:18 PM): no you little donkey fucker
SmarterChild (7:59:19 PM): That is not...
acceptable vocabulary.
Bass ps70 (7:59:28 PM): oh, go to hell
SmarterChild (7:59:31 PM): Whoa! OK, I see
what's going on here.
Bass ps70 (8:00:03 PM): what is going on here?
SmarterChild (8:00:04 PM): Yeah? What's up?
Bass ps70 (8:00:11 PM): ha
SmarterChild (8:00:13 PM): What's so funny?
Bass ps70 (8:00:22 PM): your mama in bed
SmarterChild (8:00:23 PM): Are you asking to
see who built me, or trying to
insult me?
Bass ps70 (8:00:43 PM): fuck you man, its the cleanest
one i got.
SmarterChild (8:00:46 PM): Yeah, I remember
when I first discovered dirty

Grow UP.

Bass ps70: yeah, i wish i had the rest of that one, it was rather funny.
Chapstichild: omg that's hilarious
Chapstichild: donkey fucker, hahaha
Bass ps70: lol
Chapstichild: okay, lemme see if i can find my convo
Chapstichild wants to send file C:\WINDOWS\Desktop\Heather\Saved Mail & Converstions\smarterchild030302.htm.
Bass ps70 received C:\WINDOWS\Desktop\Heather\Saved Mail & Converstions\smarterchild030302.htm.
Chapstichild: did you read it?
Chapstichild: it's not as funny as yours...but it was still pretty entertaining, lol
Bass ps70: lol, you better not let kevin get a hold of this
Chapstichild: hahaha yeah
Chapstichild: shhhhh don't tell
Bass ps70: ok
Chapstichild: hey, your birthday's coming up soon, isn't it?
Bass ps70: yeah, on the 13th
Bass ps70: im flattered you remembered
Chapstichild: Ooh, that's cool! Wow, 16!!! lol
Chapstichild: Are you getting the car in your buddy icon?
Chapstichild: heh
Bass ps70: i will...someday
Bass ps70: like the second i muster up 10 grand
Chapstichild: awwww...maybe your mom will surprise you, lol
Bass ps70: lol, i think not
Chapstichild: hey, it could happen
Chapstichild: what kinda car is that, anyway?
Bass ps70: yeah, but the chances are like 1 in 1 million
Bass ps70: it, is a 1970 Chevelle SS , with a 396 engine, cowl hood induction, and some nice red line tires
Chapstichild: Wow
Chapstichild: Shows how much us choir geeks now, lol
Chapstichild: *know
Chapstichild: haha
Bass ps70: lol
Bass ps70: well, i shall add you to the list of people that get to ride in it after i get it
Chapstichild: really? thanks!
Chapstichild: that's very nice of you
Bass ps70: its a long list, though, so youll have to remind me
Chapstichild: you know, i dunno if that's like a car that you already have picked out, or that's just the kind of car you want, but my dad sells used cars, so if you want, i could ask him if he ever comes across any of those...cos he could prolly sell it to you for pretty cheap
Chapstichild: lol okay
Bass ps70: well, its the kind of car i will get, so if you could run it by your dad, id appreciate it.
Chapstichild: k, will do
Bass ps70: thanks a bunch
Chapstichild: np...only if you start sitting with us at lunch, though, lol
Bass ps70: lol
Chapstichild: jk
Bass ps70: aight, i shall split my lunch in half tomarrow
Bass ps70: 1/2 with you, half wih my "other" peeps
Chapstichild: yesssssssss, we get the privilege of having mark at the table...wait until i tell everyone, they'll be sooo happy
Chapstichild: ha
Bass ps70: lol
Bass ps70: riight
Chapstichild: you can protect us from the other half of the table...they're sooo mean to us, and i don't even know who they are! the other day, one of them was shoving scrambled eggs in my face and i figured he'd stop if i ignored him, but he didn't so i had to move, hahaha. and they take amy's lunch and she doesn't notice until like 5 minutes later - it's pretty funny
Bass ps70: lol
Bass ps70: aight, ill have to wear my leather coat tomarrow, so i look like a bad ass
Chapstichild: okay, you're like 6'5", i think you look bad ass enough, lol
Bass ps70: lol
Bass ps70: but the coat is a nice touch
Chapstichild: true, true
Bass ps70: i could pull out the spiked leather gloves, too. but thats a bi over doing it
Bass ps70: *bit
Chapstichild: spiked gloves?? wow
Chapstichild: lol
Bass ps70: lol
Chapstichild: i don't want to get you suspended or anything, haha
Bass ps70: i dont have any, but i could make some in like 15 min
Chapstichild: hahaha
Chapstichild: that made me laugh
Bass ps70: tahts good
Chapstichild: when's the next jazz band concert?
Bass ps70: not for a long while
Bass ps70: we had on monday night
Bass ps70: *one
Bass ps70: on
Chapstichild: what????????? and kevin didn't tell me????? lolol
Bass ps70: lol
Bass ps70: you missed a great kevin barry solo, too'
Chapstichild: aw :'(
Chapstichild: lol
Bass ps70: you missed my great solo, too
Bass ps70: but not like that matters
Chapstichild: really? i'm sorry!
Bass ps70: dont be
Chapstichild: bring your sax to movie night and entertain us in between movies, lol
Bass ps70: lol
Bass ps70: uh, i dont know if i really want to lug around the bari
Chapstichild: oh, i talked to linda, it is at her house
Chapstichild: lol
Bass ps70: ok
Chapstichild: maybe you should have thought of that before you started playing bari
Bass ps70: where is linda's house?
Chapstichild: singers don't have to carry anything, ha
Chapstichild: i think she lives by bryan and julie, but i'm not sure
Chapstichild: i'll ask julie
Bass ps70: ha, maybe thats why they sound so bad
Chapstichild: lolol
Chapstichild: yeah, i'm sure that's it
Bass ps70: yeah
Bass ps70: i will sayt, though, there is nothing like the sound of a low A from a great bari, short of the rumble of a big block.
Chapstichild: hahaha
Chapstichild: is that bari sax or bari singer?
Bass ps70: bari sax
Bass ps70: what do you think???
Chapstichild: of course
Chapstichild: just checkin'
Bass ps70: hehe, aight
Chapstichild: on your birthday i should pay a bunch of basses from choir to show up at your door and sing that low A
Chapstichild: that wouldn't be annoying, heh
Bass ps70: oh, that would be plenty annoying, but it would also be funny as hell
Chapstichild: or i could try to sing it...that would be even more amusing
Bass ps70: yes, it would, since i cant even sing it
Chapstichild: so *that's* why you're in were a choir reject
Chapstichild: lol jk
Bass ps70: lol
Bass ps70: ha, id like to see you sing the low a
Bass ps70: or even get down to the low D
Chapstichild: i can get down to the bottom of the tenor range if i really try, but that's far enough for me, heh
Bass ps70: haha, what note is that on the piano?
Chapstichild: i could go over to the keyboard and check, but that would require getting up...actually, it wouldn't, but still
Bass ps70: cuz the low A on the bari is like the second to last key on there
Chapstichild: wow!!!
Chapstichild: that'd be so cool to be able to sing that
Bass ps70: on a good day, i can get down to a d, which is a few notes above the a
Chapstichild: that's cool...from what i remember from the last concert, you're really good
Bass ps70: thank you
Bass ps70: very much
Chapstichild: of course, i didn't *know* about this concert, lol
Bass ps70: lol
Chapstichild: yep
Bass ps70: from what kevin tells me, your no slouch in choir, either
Chapstichild: hahaha he's never even heard me sing
Chapstichild: i suck
Bass ps70: no you dont.
Chapstichild: lol you've never heard me sing, either
Chapstichild: but thanks
Bass ps70: ive heard you sing your little songs every once and a while
Bass ps70: and your better then everybody in the treble choir
Chapstichild: women's chorale is better than treble...but individually i'm sure i'm not better than any of them, lol
Chapstichild: but thanks
Bass ps70: i know, and your better then all of them
Bass ps70: ive never heard chorale, so all i have to compare wih is treble
Chapstichild: i'm really not...thanks, though
Chapstichild: that's very nice of ya
Chapstichild: now back to your bari sax and how you're sooo good at it, lol
Bass ps70: lol
Chapstichild: talking about singing totally brings the convo down
Bass ps70: quit being so modest
Chapstichild: lol i'm not, i'm being honest
Chapstichild: how long have you played bari for?
Bass ps70: since 6th grade
Bass ps70: how long have you been singing?
Chapstichild: lolol stop talking about singing
Chapstichild: you went to north, right?
Bass ps70: yeah
Chapstichild: stupid northie, heh
Chapstichild: jk
Bass ps70: lol
Bass ps70: north rules
Bass ps70: its the only good middle school around these parts
Chapstichild: riiiiiiiiight
Chapstichild: ah i'm too tired to think of comebacks lol
Bass ps70: lol
Bass ps70: yeah
Bass ps70: thats why ive been on the offensive all night
Chapstichild: heh
Chapstichild: you don't watch "friends", do you?
Bass ps70: oh no
Bass ps70: i can find enough to waste my time with as it is
Chapstichild: lol okay....cos tonight phoebe went on a date with this creepy guy, but she was trying to give him the benefit of the doubt because she thought he was her soul mate or something. so she asked him what he did for a living, and he was like, "i write erotic novels...for children."
Chapstichild: i just can't get over that, i was laughing for like 5 minutes
Bass ps70: lol
Chapstichild: friends is the greatest, i can't believe you don't watch it!!! okay, actually, i don't know any guys who watch friends, lol
Chapstichild: what do you watch?
Bass ps70: JAG when i can
Bass ps70: other then that, not much
Chapstichild: cool
Bass ps70: come on heather, a moulin rouge quote in your profile????
Bass ps70: what were ya thinking?
Chapstichild: i wasn't
Chapstichild: lol
Chapstichild: at least it's not a friends quote
Bass ps70: ok
Chapstichild: your quote isn't that great either, lol
Bass ps70: lol, its an inside joke
Chapstichild: jk
Bass ps70: and it is getting kinda old
Chapstichild: yeah, i had an inside joke in my profile, but no one understood it, so i changed it, lol
Bass ps70: lol
Bass ps70: dont follow the crowd, stand out
Chapstichild: lol thanks for the advice
Chapstichild: so what's the story behind that inside joke?
Bass ps70: sure, any time
Bass ps70: well, its a rather long story, and im going to go to sleep soon.
Bass ps70: remind me another time,a nd ill tell ya
Chapstichild: will do
Chapstichild: maybe at lunch, mauw-haha
Chapstichild: okay i spelled that wrong
Chapstichild: lol
Bass ps70: lol
Bass ps70: yeah, only bryan can use that effectively
Chapstichild: yeah, i guess you have to be tall and gangly to say it
Chapstichild: jk!!!!!!!!'
Bass ps70: lol
Bass ps70: exactly
Chapstichild: don'!
Chapstichild: lol
Bass ps70: lol
Bass ps70: remember, lunch tomarrow
Bass ps70: *evil laugh**
Chapstichild: I'll use my height to avoid you, heh
Bass ps70: lol, it doesnt work like that
Bass ps70: i can see over everybodys head
Bass ps70: so i can still see you
Chapstichild: well,'s a good thing that the lunch room is a highly populated area
Chapstichild: plenty of witnesses
Bass ps70: lol
Chapstichild: haha why did i say lunch room???
Chapstichild: cafeteria
Chapstichild: ahhhhh it's too late for this
Bass ps70: yeah, it really is
Chapstichild: and friends is on, lol
Bass ps70: i must sleep
Bass ps70: ill talk to ya laer
Chapstichild: alright, i'll see ya tomorrow!
Chapstichild: bye!