Chapstichild: Hey Mike! How's it going?
Q Continuum: hey, pretty good
Q Continuum: how're you?
Chapstichild: Great, thanks! I just couldn't sleep, hehe
Q Continuum: heh me neither
Q Continuum: blah i'm not gonna be able to get up for class tomorrow
Chapstichild: lol me either
Q Continuum: worse for you though.. you probably have to be awake in 4 hours or something right?
Chapstichild: lol yeah, but it'll be fine
Chapstichild: what time do you have class at?
Q Continuum: 9:50
Q Continuum: i don't have to be up til a little after 9
Chapstichild: that's cool... what are you majoring in, anyway?
Q Continuum: computer science
Chapstichild: really? that's awesome!
Q Continuum: heh i guess.. i'm not in any computer science *classes* right now
Q Continuum: but i will be next semester
Chapstichild: lol... what classes are you in now?
Q Continuum: physics, calc, japanese, and macroeconomics
Q Continuum: and they're ALL boring
Q Continuum: heh
Chapstichild: japanese sounds cool... different, lol
Chapstichild: so does physics
Chapstichild: calc definitely sounds boring, though
Chapstichild: i'm so bad at math, lol
Q Continuum: oh japanese is ok i guess
Chapstichild: what's macroeconomics?
Chapstichild: that's cool... did you take japanese in high school, too, or did you just start?
Q Continuum: it's like.. "the science of money" or something.. it deals with like how the stock market works and interest rates blahblahbalh
Chapstichild: haha i'm asking you so many questions, you're prolly like omfg shut up
Q Continuum: i just started, i took spanish and latin in high school
Chapstichild: ooh, that sounds cool
Chapstichild: yeah, i'm in spanish
Q Continuum: heh nah, not like i'm doing anything
Chapstichild: ah, i want to take latin!!! i wish they taught that at my school, lol
Q Continuum: heh latin was the coolest
Q Continuum: well only because my teacher was really cool i guess
Q Continuum: but it was still fun
Chapstichild: aw that's cool
Chapstichild: hey, i want to ask you a question to get a guy's perspective on something: my bf and i broke up almost a month ago, and i still miss him, and for some stupid reason i thought of this idea to put a poem in one of his books in his locker and date it with the date that i decorated his locker to ask him to turnabout, so when he finds it, it will just be something from before from me that he never found... so i guess my question is, if a girl did that to you, would you be like, "aw, why did i dump her?" or "wow, what a loser, i'm so glad i dumped her!"? lolol
Q Continuum: heh well i guess it depends on why he dumped you.. i think i would probably be like "aw, why did i dump her?"
Q Continuum: heh you date poems that you write to him?
Chapstichild: actually, i've never written him any poems before, lol
Chapstichild: but i would have to date it so he wouldn't think it was new, hehe
Q Continuum: true
Chapstichild: i meant any poems to him, lol, i've written lots of other poems
Q Continuum: oh i know what you meant
Chapstichild: lol just checkin'
Chapstichild: thanks for your input :-D
Q Continuum: np
Q Continuum: good luck with that if you decide to do it
Chapstichild: thanks!
Q Continuum: you miss him a lot, huh?
Chapstichild: yeah... i really don't know why, because he was really closed off and stuff the last month that we went out, but before that he was so sweet that i can't help missing that
Q Continuum: do you know why he dumped you?
Chapstichild: yeah, he said that he didn't think of me as anything more than a friend anymore
Q Continuum: ;/
Q Continuum: do you still hang out and stuff?
Chapstichild: yeah, we're friends with the same people, so we're around each other, but he kind of ignores me
Q Continuum: oh that sucks
Chapstichild: yeah, but it's my own fault, i became really good friends with his friends, lol
Chapstichild: haha sorry for complaining, though
Q Continuum: ah you're not complaining
Chapstichild: lol yeah i am
Chapstichild: but i'm done now hehe
Q Continuum: it's not complaining, because i -asked- you
Q Continuum: complain as much as you want
Chapstichild: haha, okay, you win
Chapstichild: but i'm not going to complain anymore
Q Continuum: heh ok
Chapstichild: it's your turn to complain
Chapstichild: and it's not complaining because i -asked- you
Q Continuum: heh ;0
Q Continuum: ah i don't really have anything to complain about right now