Chapstichild: hey sorry about that
Chapstichild: my foot hit the computer plug lol
BumpkinBob33: no prob
BumpkinBob33: ha ha lol
BumpkinBob33: ha ha! there its on there now
Chapstichild: yesss thanks for taking it
Chapstichild: lol i love when people take my quiz
BumpkinBob33: hey by the by howz the cd coming
Chapstichild: it makes me so happy for some reason
BumpkinBob33: he he me too
Chapstichild: i'm gonna put it in to burn when i get offline
Chapstichild: don't worry i promise it will be done
BumpkinBob33: cool, cool
Chapstichild: lol wow you did so well on it
BumpkinBob33: i g2g
Chapstichild: stalker
Chapstichild: haha jk
Chapstichild: ok, i'll cya tomorrow!
BumpkinBob33: im throwin a kegger cuz i got 2nd place on ur quiz
Chapstichild: and i'm not invited? pish!
Chapstichild: lol
BumpkinBob33: ha ha lol
BumpkinBob33: TTYL!!!
Chapstichild: i'll just stay at home with my chapstick
Chapstichild: buhbye!
BumpkinBob33: :~D
BumpkinBob33: ha ha u can entertain urself.....
BumpkinBob33: aight, bye
Chapstichild: that's right, i don't need you or your keg
Chapstichild: bye :-)
BumpkinBob33 signed off at 9:29:57 PM.
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