Slackeryan: hey!
Chapstichild: hi ryan! i haven't talked to you in awhile!
Slackeryan: its been a while
Chapstichild: how's it going?
Chapstichild: heh that's a good song
Slackeryan: haha weee
Slackeryan: its going i guess, how r u?
Chapstichild: yeah, because it's not too often that things *stop* going, is it, now? ;-)
Slackeryan: i guess ur right
Chapstichild: it's going pretty well, i just got home from play practice/the movies
Slackeryan: fun times what'd u see?
Chapstichild: mr. deeds... i'd seen it before, but i really liked it, hehe
Slackeryan: awesome
Slackeryan: i want to see it badly
Chapstichild: k, let's go
Slackeryan: k
Slackeryan: anyway
Slackeryan: so how was weez?
Chapstichild: it was awesome!!!!!! thanks for asking!
Slackeryan: cool!
Slackeryan: no problemo
Slackeryan: ahhhhhhh
Chapstichild: what"
Chapstichild: ?
Slackeryan: livejournal agravates me
Slackeryan: well, more my icon
Chapstichild: awwww, what's wrong with it?'
Slackeryan: it doesnt match my new layot
Slackeryan: so i just want ot change it a little
Slackeryan: but i cant and stuff
Slackeryan: lol
Chapstichild: i can do it for you
Slackeryan: ooh really?
Chapstichild: sure... well, what do you need done?
Slackeryan: i just dont want the "R Dawg" to be yellow
Slackeryan: i want it red maybe
Chapstichild: ahhhhh ok
Chapstichild: do you have a copy of the pic without the writing on it?
Slackeryan: ahhhhh?
Slackeryan: maybe
Slackeryan: can it be .bmp?
Chapstichild: sure
Slackeryan: k let me see
Chapstichild: cool
Slackeryan: im having trouble hold on
Slackeryan: lol
Chapstichild: k
Chapstichild: lol
Slackeryan: ok
Slackeryan wants to directly connect.
Slackeryan is now directly connected.
Slackeryan: that was hard
Slackeryan: lol
Chapstichild: awwwwww poor baby
Chapstichild: what font do you want?
Slackeryan: it was!!
Slackeryan: lol
Slackeryan: hmmm
Slackeryan: i dunno make it look cool
Chapstichild: heh k
Slackeryan: and it has to be jpg
Slackeryan: and non blurry
Slackeryan: lol
Chapstichild: heh k
Slackeryan: wahoo!
Chapstichild: wow i said heh k
Chapstichild: twice in a row
Slackeryan: heh k
Slackeryan: heh k
Slackeryan: so did i!
Chapstichild: yesssss we're the same person
Chapstichild: lol
Slackeryan: heh k
Chapstichild: do you want dark red or regular red?
Slackeryan: hmmm
Slackeryan: both!
Slackeryan: lol i dont care
Slackeryan: whatever looks super
Slackeryan: la de da
Slackeryan: am i causing trouble?
Chapstichild: lol no
Chapstichild: how would you be?
Slackeryan: well it is taking a long time
Slackeryan: perhaps maybe you are troubled?
Chapstichild: can it be a gif????? cos the jpg is worse quality
Slackeryan: oh i guess so!
Chapstichild: i know, i'm so difficult
Slackeryan: lol its ok
Slackeryan: whoa!
Slackeryan: it's all like
Slackeryan: Eeeeeeee
Slackeryan: i love you!
Slackeryan: have my children multiple times!
Slackeryan: have them have them!
Chapstichild: wow you actually like it? i thought you were gonna be like, "no, whore, do it again!"
Chapstichild: yessssssssssssss sexxxxxxx
Chapstichild: lol
Slackeryan: ::bows down::
Slackeryan: im not worthy of your goddess-like icon skills
Chapstichild: ewwwww my icon skills are nothing
Chapstichild: but thanks
Slackeryan: wahoo!
Slackeryan: they're better than mine
Slackeryan: do u havea special program thinga ma bob?
Chapstichild: i have paint shop pro
Slackeryan: ooooh hot times
Chapstichild: heh yep
Slackeryan: it matches my journal now
Slackeryan: hooray
Slackeryan direct connection is closed.
Slackeryan: yippee
Chapstichild: ooh color change
Slackeryan: did i?
Chapstichild: idiot
Chapstichild: ;-)
Slackeryan: im onfused
Slackeryan: c
Slackeryan: confused
Slackeryan: did u see my funky background?
Slackeryan: i totally stole it from the jimmy eat world website, i hope they dont track me down!
Chapstichild: heh yeah i'm sure they'll care
Slackeryan: haha lol
Chapstichild: i meant you changed your font color
Chapstichild: in the im
Slackeryan: i did?
Chapstichild: i'll look at your journal in a sec
Chapstichild: heh i almost typed sex
Slackeryan: oh because i was talking to you on AIM before
Slackeryan: k
Chapstichild: heh yeah
Slackeryan: lol sex is fun
Slackeryan: to type!
Chapstichild: lol
Slackeryan: sex sex sex
Chapstichild: it's not really that fun to type
Chapstichild: it's a quick finger change
Slackeryan: hehe ur right
Chapstichild: sex sex sex
Slackeryan: lol
Slackeryan: sex sex sex
Chapstichild: lol i'm such a loser
Slackeryan: wow its all near each other
Slackeryan: esx
Chapstichild: hehe you're right!
Chapstichild: coincidence? i think not!
Slackeryan: were
Slackeryan: plop
Slackeryan: prbably not!
Slackeryan: mr. keyboard is a sicky!
Chapstichild: lol i thought you said mr. keyboard is sticky
Chapstichild: ewwwwwwwwww
Slackeryan: haha sticky
Chapstichild: grrrrrrr no i'm going to like delete my lj
Slackeryan: my info is dedicated to u
Slackeryan: why why?
Chapstichild: what???????really?????? Yat
Chapstichild: yay
Chapstichild: cos that guy i'm obsessed with, kevin, might read it
Slackeryan: uh oh
Slackeryan: yeah i had to go through a username change
Slackeryan: but im glad becuase i love thunderpants
Chapstichild: cos this girl julie has a lj, and our friend mark read mine, even though he doens't have one, cos i'm on julie's friends page, and julie has a website that she tells everyone about that links to her livejournal, so yeah
Chapstichild: hehe why?
Chapstichild: i mean, i like thunderpants
Chapstichild: i'm just talking about the why the username change
Slackeryan: oh because this girl was reading it and threatened to tell my brother stuff i had written
Slackeryan: so i changed my username
Chapstichild: ooooh wow :-(
Slackeryan: and on my old one it says something like "i changed my journal cuz a dumb ho was nosy" or something
Chapstichild: what a bitch!
Slackeryan: yeah surriously
Chapstichild: lol that's hilarious
Slackeryan: lol i found it
Slackeryan: Ryan's LiveJournal -- Entries
Slackeryan: its so primitive
Chapstichild: lol that's hilarious
Chapstichild: omg can you make your whole journal friends only?
Slackeryan: this is fun to read
Slackeryan: well i tihnk u have to go through each and every entry
Slackeryan: thats wha ti did with like 20 entries in blueska
Chapstichild: ahhhhhh that's aggravting lol
Chapstichild: nooooooo kevinnnnnn take me backkkkkkk lol
Slackeryan: kevinnnn?
Chapstichild: hah that's my exboyfriend
Chapstichild: that i stalk
Chapstichild: jk
Slackeryan: you want him back?
Chapstichild: lol yeah... i mean, it won't happen because he broke up with me in march and he hates me, but it's a nice dream
Chapstichild: lol
Slackeryan: aww
Slackeryan: well u can havev me instead!
Slackeryan: rawr!
Chapstichild: yaaaaaaaaaay
Chapstichild: lol
Slackeryan: im so happy im in ur info
Slackeryan: i got ...deleted! from someone else's info earlier
Chapstichild: awwwww i'm so happy that i'm in yours, that's so nice!!
Chapstichild: really? that sucks!!!!!!!!!1
Chapstichild: grrrrr lemme at 'em lemme at 'em
Chapstichild: i'll rip them to smithereans
Chapstichild: or however you spell it
Slackeryan: lol
Slackeryan: haha smithereens
Chapstichild: thank you
Chapstichild: lol
Slackeryan: aw look at the sad entry:
Slackeryan: I'm leaving tomorrow morning for Bmore. Bye bye.
Slackeryan: sad times!
Chapstichild: awwww
Chapstichild: wait so where are you now?
Slackeryan: bmore
Chapstichild: ooooooh it's your old journal
Chapstichild: i get it
Chapstichild: poor ryan
Slackeryan: yeeeeah
Slackeryan: hahahahaha
Slackeryan: my friend has an IM conversation in her profile betweene her and some dude
Chapstichild: lol what's it say?
Slackeryan: and apparently the kid wanted to know if he'd be gay if he cloned himself and made out with him
Chapstichild: omgggggg i've heard that one before
Slackeryan: u have?
Slackeryan: nah uhhh
Chapstichild: it's like "if you clone yourself and have sex with your clone, is it masturbation or homosexuality"
Chapstichild: or something
Chapstichild: i don't quite remember
Slackeryan: LOL
Slackeryan: or incest
Slackeryan: ?
Chapstichild: hahha yeah
Slackeryan: i took a dumb LJ quiz to see which character from friends i am
Slackeryan: and i got phoebe
Slackeryan: haha lol
Chapstichild: haha
Chapstichild: i took one of thoes
Chapstichild: *those
Chapstichild: i think i got rachel
Chapstichild: lol phoebe's crazy
Slackeryan: wahooo
Slackeryan: so am i
Slackeryan: lol
Chapstichild: haha
Slackeryan: k back to brown
Slackeryan: i like brown better even though it's poopish
Chapstichild: lol ewwwwww poo
Slackeryan: lol
Slackeryan: green poop!
Chapstichild: ewwwwwwwwwwwkljfdsaf
Chapstichild: haha that's hilarious
Slackeryan: lol wehat/
Slackeryan: green poop?
Chapstichild: heh yeah
Chapstichild: ahhhhh lj has lost it's purpose
Chapstichild: too many of my real friends have it now
Chapstichild: *its
Chapstichild: omg i can't believe i did that
Chapstichild: jess would kill me lol
Slackeryan: i know what u mean
Slackeryan: why would she?
Chapstichild: heh we always make fun of each other for grammar typos
Chapstichild: cos we're obsessed lol
Slackeryan: haha ol
Slackeryan: *lol
Slackeryan: u should join the gramma police community on livejournal
Chapstichild: really? they have that?
Slackeryan: i heard they did
Slackeryan: i'll look into it
Chapstichild: heh cool
Chapstichild: thanks
Chapstichild: omg it's going to take forever tomake all of these entries private lol
Slackeryan: lol oh no
Slackeryan: im so glad im ur friend!
Chapstichild: awww i'm so glad you're my friend!!
Chapstichild: you're so fun
Slackeryan: aww
Slackeryan: let's prance ungayly
Chapstichild: hahah i'm listening to a mary poppins song
Chapstichild: so prancing would like fit the music
Slackeryan: haha oh no
Slackeryan: lol last night i was at
Slackeryan: haha
Slackeryan: Community Info
Slackeryan: there u go
Slackeryan: lol
Chapstichild: thanks! that was nice of you!
Slackeryan: hehe anything for heatha
Chapstichild: ehhhhhhhhh i have to go through all of my entries and take out the kevin references
Chapstichild: i hate conforming lol
Slackeryan: there's some odd people out there with lj's
Chapstichild: heh anyone in particular?
Slackeryan: haha nah
Slackeryan: one night me and my friend had a contest to find the weirdest person on LJ
Chapstichild: lol
Slackeryan: i DEFINITELY won that motha effer
Chapstichild: what kind of journal did you find?
Slackeryan: an old fat lesbian
Slackeryan: would you like to see? lol
Slackeryan: her entries were kinda depressing
Slackeryan: lol
Chapstichild: hehe yessssssss
Chapstichild: that sounds funny
Slackeryan: k
Slackeryan: Friday's LiveJournal
Slackeryan: haha
Slackeryan: hshahaha so ufn
Chapstichild: omg this is depressing!1
Chapstichild: lol
Slackeryan: i know!
Slackeryan: lol
Slackeryan: poor Lyle!
Slackeryan: haha
Chapstichild: lol
Chapstichild: So, I've decided it's time for me to get healthy, inside and out. It's time for me to begin loving myself. It's time for me to lose weight and get mentally stable.
Chapstichild: omggggg what a freak
Slackeryan: HAHAHHAA
Chapstichild: So tomorrow moring, I plan on fasting for the next 3 days. Just to clear my mind and my body. I also plan to start exercising on a normal basis...
Chapstichild: yeah, fat lady, i'd like to see you not eat for 3 days
Slackeryan: LOL!!!
Chapstichild: i can only go like a day without eating, and i really don't eat that much
Slackeryan: Lyle just's Friday night. He came over and visited with me for a bit. We were "this" close to having sex.

Slackeryan: hahahahahaah who does a guy named lyle anyway!?!?!?
Chapstichild: He came over and visited with me for a bit. We were "this" close to having sex.
Chapstichild: dsl;fdjsak;lfds
Chapstichild: omg
Chapstichild: i was just about to post that
Chapstichild: like i was reading it and laughing and i went to post it
Chapstichild: an dyou already had
Slackeryan: nah uh!
Slackeryan: twins!
Chapstichild: but if we're twins then we can make babies ;(
Chapstichild: heh jk
Slackeryan: yes we can
Slackeryan: i'll make it work
Chapstichild: I thought I made it clear that I wasn't interested in sexual encounters with him, and he decided that I didn't' make it clear enough.
Slackeryan: LOLOLLllll
Slackeryan: Okay, sitting here at Lyle's, about to start cleaning. What a task! This isn't gonna be easy. Oh well. He's payin me a bit, not what others would charge, but enough to say, yeah he's paying me and I'm a friend so I'm accepting the price
Slackeryan: Tired...cranky...sexually frustrated...blah...heh...

Chapstichild: hahah
Chapstichild: awwww and she has like no comments on stuff
Slackeryan: I'm lovers with someone else right now too. I told Lyle that last night

Chapstichild: omg@!!!!!!
Slackeryan: omg!
Slackeryan: I'm going to end up missing Boner Invasion Weekend because I have no money.

Chapstichild: omdsklfjasdkl
Chapstichild: rotf
Slackeryan: Thousands of people. And one weekend a season, the Boner Clan (yes, it's named this because, know),

Slackeryan: heather lets go to boner invasion!
Chapstichild: but i don't have a boner :-(
Chapstichild: or a penis
Chapstichild: for that matter
Chapstichild: stupid discriminatory clan
Slackeryan: so i'll hook u up with a strap-on
Chapstichild: lol you like have one lying around
Slackeryan: i may
Slackeryan: it's like a shoe store... "i may have something in the back"
Chapstichild: haha
Chapstichild: I hate being ill. Especially when it's these god awful womanly cramps.
Chapstichild: dkfasl;kf
Chapstichild: dllllllllllllllolllllllllll
Slackeryan: LOL ew
Slackeryan: ewwww
Chapstichild: I'd rather be in a relationship with someone than have a couple lovers to keep me occupied
Slackeryan: LOoooool
Slackeryan: isnt it screwed up!?
Chapstichild: haha yessssss
Chapstichild: wait if this lady is so fat that she isn't gonna eat for 3 days, how does she get so many guys to have sex with her?
Chapstichild: that's grossssssssss
Slackeryan: i dont know what the deal is with this woman

Chapstichild: omg her interests are messed up grammatically
Slackeryan: haha lol
Slackeryan: oh no
Chapstichild: it's like "have fun"
Slackeryan: inform the grammar police!
Chapstichild: and "i love to chat"
Chapstichild: heh she only has 1 friend
Chapstichild: and she's not the friend of anyone
Slackeryan: ok random weird person added me to their firends
Slackeryan: thats sad
Slackeryan: LOL have fun
Slackeryan: hahahaha
Chapstichild: lol
Slackeryan: i think im gonna go soon
Slackeryan: cuz i have to pee like what
Slackeryan: and im kinda tired
Chapstichild: hehe i love staying online when i have to pee cos i'm lazy
Slackeryan: loll i hate it
Slackeryan: but i always do it!
Chapstichild: but i suppose i could give you permission to pee
Slackeryan: lol
Slackeryan: im yawning
Slackeryan: ::yawn::
Chapstichild: awwww poor baby
Chapstichild: sleepytime
Slackeryan: but i kinda want to stare at my LJ fora little bit longer
Chapstichild: lol i love doing that
Chapstichild: i looks very cool btw
Slackeryan: spanks
Slackeryan: so does urs
Slackeryan: but u knew that
Slackeryan: already
Chapstichild: heh thanks
Slackeryan: i hate how some teeny bopepr 12 year olds have lj's
Chapstichild: haha i just hate teeny boppers
Slackeryan: me too!
Slackeryan: whoa
Slackeryan: i just fell asleep
Slackeryan: k its definitely time for bed
Chapstichild: omg
Chapstichild: lol that's funny
Slackeryan: lool
Slackeryan: i must be tired
Chapstichild: hehe yeah go to bed
Slackeryan: ahh but im addicted to Lj
Slackeryan: k goodnight
Slackeryan: lol
Chapstichild: g'night! :-)
Slackeryan signed off at 2:13:33 AM.