Slackeryan: hellooo!
Chapstichild: ugh it's ryan
Chapstichild: hehe
Slackeryan: um ew
Chapstichild: jk you know i love ya
Chapstichild: what's up?
Slackeryan: woohoo
Chapstichild: yessssss a reply to my post!
Slackeryan: nothing... bored as always
Slackeryan: yup it was me!
Chapstichild: awww what happened with this linnea girl?
Slackeryan: hmm well
Slackeryan: i liked her and she liked me
Slackeryan: but she was like noo i dont want to go out with you
Chapstichild: aw wtf?
Slackeryan: and then she was like wee i like to slit my wrists its fun
Slackeryan: and so for 10 months i liked her and she wouldnt go out with me and it was all sad
Slackeryan: and THEN as soon as i moved
Chapstichild: omgggg crazy
Chapstichild: awwww poor ryan
Slackeryan: she starts going out with this older guy
Slackeryan: and she did all this slutty stuff with him
Slackeryan: and i am appalled
Slackeryan: then he cheated on her
Slackeryan: and while i was visiting NY a few months ago i saw the guy at the mall with another girl
Slackeryan: and so that's my story
Chapstichild: wow
Chapstichild: awww, ryan, you so don't deserve any of that shit
Chapstichild: i feel so bad for you
Slackeryan: no it's ok, cuz she turned out to be trash in the end
Chapstichild: still, though, you were sad for so long
Slackeryan: i know but it's ok!!
Slackeryan: yay
Slackeryan: minues yay
Slackeryan: *minus
Slackeryan: sorry!
Slackeryan: lol
Chapstichild: lol
Chapstichild: pooor ryan
Chapstichild: :-( :-(
Chapstichild: poor jud is dead, poor jud fry is dead...
Slackeryan: ahhh!
Slackeryan: it's daid
Slackeryan: lol
Chapstichild: ooooooh sorry
Slackeryan: haha
Slackeryan: it's ok just don't let it happen again
Chapstichild: what if i do?
Slackeryan: then you get spanked
Chapstichild: poor jud is dead
Chapstichild: dead dead dead
Chapstichild: so very dead
Slackeryan: ::spank spank::
Chapstichild: owwwwwwww
Chapstichild: you fucking abusive online best friend
Chapstichild: haha even though you like jess better :-(
Slackeryan: no i don't!
Slackeryan: ahhh i can't take you 2 anymore!
Slackeryan: she thinks i like you better, you think i like her
Chapstichild: haha you told her you didn't know who you liked better
Slackeryan: AHHHhhhhhHHHhhHHhh
Chapstichild: hahhaaaaaaaaaaaa
Slackeryan: jess is evil
Chapstichild: hehe whenever we see each other we're like "i talked to ryan a little while ago and you weren't online, hahaha!"
Slackeryan: ur not as evil
Chapstichild: heeeeeeeeeey you can't say that abou tmy best friend
Slackeryan: haha yay!
Slackeryan: woo i feel special!
Slackeryan: haha ok ur both evil!
Chapstichild: much better
Chapstichild: we are the same person, aftera ll
Chapstichild: lol this kid i know just asked me what play i was in, and i said "bye bye birdie" and he was like, "ok, bye!"
Slackeryan: really??
Slackeryan: wooo
Slackeryan: LOL
Slackeryan: haha!
Chapstichild: haha we are, we always say the same thing and stuff
Slackeryan: that's cool!
Slackeryan: i used to have friends like that
Slackeryan: then i moved
Slackeryan: TEAR
Chapstichild: awwwwwwwwww *hands kleenex*
Chapstichild: haha i did the *word* thing just to piss you off
Chapstichild: lol
Chapstichild: do you still talk to your old friends?
Slackeryan: *oh* *nooo* *!!!*
Chapstichild: haha i think the *!!!* was a bit unneccesary, don't you?
Slackeryan: yes i doo
Slackeryan: not as much as id like to
Slackeryan: haha *no*
Chapstichild: aw, that sucks
Chapstichild: i'm sorry :-(
Chapstichild: you can be the same person as me and jess if ya want ;-)
Slackeryan: really?
Chapstichild: of course!!
Chapstichild: ooh, i never told you, y'know how jess goes to maryland every christmas?
Chapstichild: i might go with her!!!
Chapstichild: and then we could like hang out with you lol
Slackeryan: oh yeah she told me that
Slackeryan: it's like an hour away but we could meet in the middle lol
Chapstichild: yeaaaaaaah
Chapstichild: that'd be cool
Slackeryan: woohoo!
Chapstichild: hahah you like turn out to be this 60-year-old rapist
Slackeryan: .....
Slackeryan: never said iw asnt
Slackeryan: prrr come here little girl
Chapstichild: why? do you have candy for me?
Slackeryan: yes. in my pants
Slackeryan: come get it!
Chapstichild: ok, like, in your pocket?
Slackeryan: no.
Slackeryan: in my paaaants
Chapstichild: in your pants pocket?
Slackeryan: no noy my pocket!
Chapstichild: oh, ok
Chapstichild: ::: unzips :::
Chapstichild: mmmm caaaaaaaandy
Slackeryan: hahaEWww
Chapstichild: what's with this lollipop stick?
Slackeryan: hahaha!
Slackeryan: is't lollipop fun to type?!?!!?
Chapstichild: lollipop
Chapstichild: lollipo
Slackeryan: lolipop
Chapstichild: lollipoo lol
Slackeryan: its funner with 1 l
Slackeryan: lol i pop
Chapstichild: heathabear is fun to type lol
Chapstichild: haha i'm so conceited
Slackeryan: heathabear
Slackeryan: no ur not
Slackeryan: i know conceited people and ur not them!
Chapstichild: haha i thought you meant i'm not fun to type
Slackeryan: ur..... nonconceited!
Chapstichild: awwww well thanks
Slackeryan: haha yeah u r!
Chapstichild: yessssssss
Slackeryan: thunderpants
Slackeryan: not as fun to type
Slackeryan: heathabear
Slackeryan: thunderpants heathabear nosequeen
Chapstichild: thunderpants is still pretty fun
Chapstichild: nosequeen
Slackeryan: wait.... thunderpants is funner than nosequeen
Slackeryan: nosequeen sucks
Chapstichild: thunderpants nosequeen
Chapstichild: heeeeeeeeeey no bad mouthing jess
Chapstichild: or you will get spanking
Chapstichild: *spanked
Chapstichild: wow, look who's not in your profile anymore
Chapstichild: lol
Slackeryan: the q is a nuisance
Slackeryan: lol
Slackeryan: im compulsive and i re-do it like every 2 hours
Slackeryan: you were replaced by a stinky cheese man!
Chapstichild: damn that stinky cheese man
Slackeryan: i ad this cool thinger in there before... i'll put it back
Chapstichild: lol i was watching big brother 3 cos there was nothing on, and this one girl is obsessed with cheese
Chapstichild: and they hid the cheese from her and she started CRYING
Slackeryan: lol thats my kind of woman!
Slackeryan: eeeeeee
Chapstichild: ewwwwww i can see you like slathering cheese wiz all over each other's bodies
Slackeryan: k
Slackeryan: wee fun dashboardy info
Chapstichild: dashboard? wehree??
Slackeryan: its dashboard lyrics!
Slackeryan: 2 different songs conjoined together!
Chapstichild: awesome!
Slackeryan: weEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeee
Slackeryan: WHAT R U DOIN?
Chapstichild: wow someone needs to take his ritalin
Chapstichild: heh i'm deleting all the kevin references in my lj
Slackeryan: why?
Chapstichild: it's gonna take forever lol
Slackeryan: ohhhh i see
Chapstichild: heh nm
Slackeryan: cool
Slackeryan: not cool
Slackeryan: sad times
Chapstichild: eh nah it's fine
Chapstichild: what are you doing?
Slackeryan: sitting here
Slackeryan: listening to the tv
Slackeryan: staring at my blank computer screen
Chapstichild: emo kids are cool
Slackeryan: are you an emo kid!?
Slackeryan: i think on Lj i come across as an emo kid
Chapstichild: nah, i'm not an emo kid... i have emo glasses and i listen to like dashboard and get up kids, but that's about it
Slackeryan: lol
Slackeryan: yeah me too minus the glasses
Chapstichild: ahhhhhh i love my emo glasses
Chapstichild: i got them before i knew they were emo
Slackeryan: lol
Slackeryan: let me guess
Slackeryan: they're black
Slackeryan: and thickish
Chapstichild: heh of course
Slackeryan: 23 days til my biiirthdayy
Chapstichild: yaaaaaaaaay that's so awesome
Chapstichild: ahhhh there are so many kevin references on here lol
Slackeryan: oh geez
Slackeryan: lol
Slackeryan: start a secret ujournal for venting about him

Slackeryan:, i have like 18 of them!
Chapstichild: hehe yeah i used to have another journal on a different site and i'd write all this happy surface stuff in my lj and then i'd write what i really thought in the other one, but then i decided it was too much work and just started writing everything in my lj, lol
Slackeryan: lol
Slackeryan: yeah
Slackeryan: thats a good idea
Slackeryan: but it does sound like too much work
Chapstichild: heh yeah
Chapstichild: especially when you're lazy like me
Slackeryan: haha yeah
Slackeryan: hows it comin?
Slackeryan: sorry to disturb you
Chapstichild: heh you're not disturbing me
Chapstichild: it's going alright, but i think maybe i'll just do like 20 entries a night, lol
Chapstichild: cos to do them all now would be terrible heh
Slackeryan: lol!
Slackeryan: cool
Slackeryan: are u just making them private?
Chapstichild: nope, i'm taking out the kevin stuff
Chapstichild: for most of them it doesn't really make a difference, but there's this one entry that i totally deleted cos it was all about him
Chapstichild: and there's a really cool part of an entry that i'm sad to see go
Slackeryan: aw just leave it
Slackeryan: or just make the whole entry private
Slackeryan: so you can still have it
Chapstichild: it's about how i was at a friend's house swimming and kevin was there, too, and i never learned to swim underwater without plugging my nose because i never really cared, but i was so worried about what he would think if i had my nose plugged that i just dove into the water without plugging my nose
Chapstichild: heh i saved it to my harddrive
Slackeryan: LOL
Slackeryan: that's so funny
Slackeryan: aww
Slackeryan: i dont care if you plug your nose heather!
Chapstichild: awwwwwwww thanks ryan
Slackeryan: no problemo
Chapstichild: oooooooh that's what you were talking about before
Chapstichild: about the dashboard lyrics
Chapstichild: your profile lol
Slackeryan: you didn't get it?
Slackeryan: lol
Chapstichild: heh no i just thought you were like on some website
Chapstichild: that's really cool
Slackeryan: ohhh
Slackeryan: no
Slackeryan: i think its kinda gay
Slackeryan: but oh well
Chapstichild: lol it's not gay
Slackeryan: thanks!
Chapstichild: haha have you seen "the producers"?
Slackeryan: lol
Slackeryan: hey wow do we have the same font but mine's just small?
Slackeryan: oh i guess not
Slackeryan: anyway, nope i haven't
Chapstichild: haha
Chapstichild: it's the funniest musical EVER
Chapstichild: soooooooo much sexual innuendo, you gotta love it
Slackeryan: haha
Slackeryan: have you ever seen the play "splendor in the grass"?
Slackeryan: its all about sex and stuff
Slackeryan: we did it at my school in 10th grade for the fall drama
Chapstichild: haha no i haven't!
Chapstichild: it sounds cool though
Slackeryan: it was fun
Slackeryan: i played arnold... he wa sin 2 scenes and he got beat up by the main character
Slackeryan: it was sad but funny!
Chapstichild: awwwwwww you got beat up?
Chapstichild: hah you should have like fought back the last night of the show and kick the guy's ass
Slackeryan: yeah :-(
Slackeryan: cuz i screwed his sister
Slackeryan: in the play
Slackeryan: lol
Chapstichild: lol
Chapstichild: that's hilarious
Slackeryan: ha ha no no, the kid was the wrestling/football team captain mr. muscles
Slackeryan: lol
Slackeryan: im puny
Chapstichild: heh you could take him
Chapstichild: mr. muscles that's hilarious
Slackeryan: lol
Chapstichild: hello, kids, i'm mr. muscles!
Slackeryan: ahaaha

Slackeryan: its weird cuz he was a big jock AND a big actor dancer music man
Slackeryan: and now he goes to NYU
Slackeryan: im jealous
Slackeryan: !!
Chapstichild: omgggggg that's crazy
Chapstichild: i would die if i had that many extracurriculars
Chapstichild: you could get into nyu
Slackeryan: i knoooow
Chapstichild: you have such an awesome voice
Slackeryan: haha yeah right
Slackeryan: its like 2 % acceptance rate
Chapstichild: nooooo they would be like "omg i want your voice" and they would let you in
Chapstichild: plus you're smart and stuff
Slackeryan: lol no
Slackeryan: ooh i was so happy because i was at princeton review's site and it said all the school's im applying to are safety schools for me
Slackeryan: except one, which was described as a perfect match
Chapstichild: ooooooh that's awesome!!! i want to take that!! even though i don't know where i want to apply, lol
Chapstichild: at first i thought you said you applied to princeton and i was like wowwwwww
Slackeryan: lol i wish!
Chapstichild: where are you applying?
Chapstichild: which one is the perfect match?
Slackeryan: messiah... even though it isnt lol
Slackeryan: my brother's going there its a good school
Slackeryan: im probably applying to nyack, messiah, indiana wesleyan, and frostburg
Slackeryan: but i might also apply to... gordon, houghton, and plam beach atlantic
Slackeryan: *plam
Slackeryan: **palm
Chapstichild: oooooooh indiana
Slackeryan: yeah i like that school
Chapstichild: where do you wanna go the most?
Slackeryan: indiana or messiah
Slackeryan: but all those private schools are expensive
Slackeryan: i might just end up at community colelge
Slackeryan: *college
Chapstichild: you could get a scholarship
Slackeryan: maybe, but i doubt it would be enough
Slackeryan: we shall see
Slackeryan: this coming school year will be veeeerry interesting
Chapstichild: if you go to another state you could prolly get a really good one since they want variety
Chapstichild: but then it's more expensive anywayt
Slackeryan: ooh prrr!
Slackeryan: well maryland has crappy schools
Slackeryan: except UM but i can definitely not get in there
Chapstichild: really? :-(
Chapstichild: yes you can
Slackeryan: frostburg is a state school and im applying as a back up
Chapstichild: you can do anything you want to
Slackeryan: but its a huge party school, i dontw ant a party school
Chapstichild: yeah, i wouldn't either
Slackeryan: im re doing my profile again
Slackeryan: im gonna start collecting funny IMs once again
Slackeryan: i already got 1!
Chapstichild: ooh cool
Slackeryan: ooh im trying your pee clear thing
Slackeryan: drinking lots o fwater
Slackeryan: of water
Chapstichild: hahah tom would be proud
Slackeryan: weehee
Slackeryan: i dont like my water really cold
Slackeryan: im in the mood for salad
Chapstichild: brrrrrr neither do i
Chapstichild: ooh that sounds good
Slackeryan: i don't know if i should tell you this
Slackeryan: but im going to
Slackeryan: even though you'll probably use it against me!
Chapstichild: heh don't worry i'm not as manipulative as i sound
Slackeryan: well
Slackeryan: im the most gullable person, probably in the world
Slackeryan: lol
Chapstichild: awwwww that's so cute
Slackeryan: this one girl always abuses my gullableness!
Chapstichild: i don't abuse your gullableness, do i? :-(
Slackeryan: i talk to this one guy from her old school, and i just said to her i wonder what he looks like
Slackeryan: and she told me he was black
Slackeryan: and i was like wow i never thought of him as black
Chapstichild: lol
Chapstichild: awwww poor ryan
Slackeryan: mean while i knew his last name is italian
Slackeryan: haha
Slackeryan: im dumb lol
Chapstichild: no you're not
Chapstichild: you're not dumb at all
Chapstichild: and just like your not allowed to say bad stuff about jess without getting yelled at by me, you're not allowed to say bad stuff about you without getting yelled at by me, either
Slackeryan: thanks lets make a smart baby
Chapstichild: *you're
Slackeryan: jess is a whor
Slackeryan: e

Slackeryan: ryan is dumb
Slackeryan: haha jk
Slackeryan: lol
Chapstichild: grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Chapstichild: i'd kick your ass if you weren't a foot taller than me
Slackeryan: loll
Slackeryan: and if i werent 650 miles aaway!
Chapstichild: shoosh you
Slackeryan: sHoOsH
Chapstichild: i'm gonna put on my stilts and walk all the way to baltimore in them
Chapstichild: and then i will smithereen you
Slackeryan: lol and i'll knock you over!
Slackeryan: eeee i gotta go chill on the couch and pee and stuff
Slackeryan: snl!
Chapstichild: heh k
Slackeryan: is SNL on now for you?
Chapstichild: oooooooh yay
Chapstichild: yeah
Chapstichild: weird
Slackeryan: if so that's not fair
Slackeryan: i gotta wait til 11:30!
Chapstichild: ohhhhhh yeah
Chapstichild: poor ryan
Slackeryan: anyway, talk to you later sexay!
Chapstichild: that sucks!!!!!1
Slackeryan: bye
Chapstichild: yessssssss my name is sexay
Chapstichild: buhbye
Slackeryan signed off at 10:36:54 PM.