Chapstichild: lol the stupid im isn't working
Chapstichild: haha it's cos i tried to im you right as you immed me, that always happens
BumpkinBob33: ha ha lol that sucks
Chapstichild: it's so weird, lol
Chapstichild: so, how's it going?
BumpkinBob33: ha ha not bad, u?
Chapstichild: great, thanks! i just got back from six flags
BumpkinBob33: cool, how was it?
Chapstichild: it was great, thanks! it was really cool because the lines were really short because of the weather, and the weather was actually pretty comfortable
BumpkinBob33: cool, whod you go w/?
Chapstichild: jess and erin
BumpkinBob33: cool
Chapstichild: if we go to six flags sometime do you think i could convince you to go on roller coasters?
BumpkinBob33: i doubt it
BumpkinBob33: :P
BumpkinBob33: ahhh that looks so messed up
Chapstichild: hahaha ewwwwwwww sicko
Chapstichild: c'mon, pleeeeeeease go
BumpkinBob33: omg i didnt even mean it sickly wow
Chapstichild: lol how did you mean it?
Chapstichild: omg, it was so fun, on the way home erin would turn her lights off on spots on the road where there weren't any cars, and then when a car would approach she would turn them on suddenly to scare them
BumpkinBob33: ha ha wow thats phun
BumpkinBob33: and i dunno it just looked messed up
Chapstichild: lol
Chapstichild: and we were saying how it would be really funny if some other car was doing the same thing and we crashed, lol
BumpkinBob33: ha ha lol wow
Chapstichild: lol... i really want to get you to go on roller coasters
BumpkinBob33: ha ha well you arent the first and its not going to work punk
Chapstichild: pleeeease? i promise, i can make them seem like no big deal, i'm so un-afraid of them that it bothers me and i'm going to start forcing myself to get scared so it'll be more fun, lol. seriously, i don't scream or anything, haha
Chapstichild: though i do swear sometimes... and erin, jess, and i were making sex noises and people were staring at us, lol
BumpkinBob33: ha ha lol wow thats awesome
Chapstichild: lol thanks
Chapstichild: sorry, i got disconnected
BumpkinBob33: np, you wanna here something really sad and pathetic?
Chapstichild: lol sure
BumpkinBob33: every morning when i wake up i just lay there thinking about you for like half an hour
Chapstichild: really? that's not pathetic, that's really, really sweet
BumpkinBob33: ok itd be sweet if we were going out but since we arent its just pathetic
Chapstichild: it's pathetic that i'm not over kevin... you're so nice to me, i don't get it
BumpkinBob33: i dunno i just wish we were going out
Chapstichild: brb... i have to call my dad and make sure his car didn't break down or something, lol
Chapstichild: back... sorry 'bout that
BumpkinBob33: np
BumpkinBob33: so whats up?
Chapstichild: not too much, you?
BumpkinBob33: nothin jus kinda bored
Chapstichild: aw, i'm sorry
BumpkinBob33: i dunno im running out of things to do lol
Chapstichild: lol me too
BumpkinBob33: i really wish we were going out :-(
Chapstichild: i'm sorry... i'm such a bitch, though, seriously, i'm mean to everyone, even jess
BumpkinBob33: you arent that mean, basically you just dont want to go out with me and im being a whiny bastard about it
Chapstichild: i really am mean, i'm mean to all the people who are really nice to me, namely you and jess... and you're not being a whiny bastard about it, you have a right to be upset
BumpkinBob33: i dunno but ive asked you out like ten times and you probably dont want to go out with me even more now
Chapstichild: that's honestly not true
BumpkinBob33: thanx, but still its killing me that ive wanted you so much and i still cant have you :-(
Chapstichild: ahhhhhh, i feel so bad
Chapstichild: what have i done??????
BumpkinBob33: dont feel bad
Chapstichild: well, i do, i'm ashamed of what i've done
Chapstichild: you're so incredibly nice and i have been an incredible bitch
BumpkinBob33: im really not that nice
Chapstichild: you really are
BumpkinBob33: you are just amazingly cute