The Music (and Monsters) of the Night

Original Airdate: November 23, 1997

It looks like somebody needs some Visine.

En route to an FBI team-building seminar, Mulder and Scully are stopped at a roadblock. Anxious to free himself of the "characteristically exuberant" pair of agents that he and his partner are traveling with, Mulder takes the opportunity to get out of the karma-filled car and stretch.

Instead, he stumbles upon the case of two camouflaged creatures with glowing red eyes that have been attacking people who trespass onto their Floridian forest. By involving themselves in the case, Mulder and Scully escape the wrath of the team-building conference - only to discover that they must now devise a plan to escape the wrath of the ruthless forest fiends. The dynamic duo finds themselves lost in the woods at night with no food, no matches, no sleeping bags, and tragically, no cell phones.

"It had great Mulder/Scully chemistry , which is really one of the reasons why I wanted to do that show," explained writer Frank Spotnitz in The X-Files Official Magazine, "and it had a really cool monster."

"Detour" certainly features two of the most inscrutable entities to date. Contrary to every other known species, the demonic dwellers of "Detour" always attack the strongest human present, leaving the weakest to survive. This preference is a brilliant enigma, exemplified by romantic moments and the vocal stylings of Special Agent Dana Scully.

This classic episode is Spotnitz's best lone work to date, and is a crystal clear representation of just how much fun murderous monsters can be. "Detour" also teaches an important lesson: No matter how old you are, remember to check underneath your bed for glowing red eyes before you go to sleep. Sweet dreams!
- HH 11.26.00

Note: "Detour" ranks number three in my top ten favorite episodes.

Mulder + Scully = True Love

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