My Fan Fiction

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Burning the Facade
11 kb - G - MSR
Spoilers: "One Breath" and "Brand X"
Summary: Not even fire can destroy true love.

Shattered Soul
10 kb - G - V/A/MSF
Spoilers: "Irresistible"
Summary: There is strength within forgiveness that can brighten even the darkest hour.

The Tangled Web of Time
20 kb - PG - MSR/A
Timeline: Post-"Arcadia"
Spoilers: "Emily" and "Fight the Future"
Summary: The only way to live forever is to love.

Truth and Entrapment
15 kb - PG - MSR/A
Spoilers: "Millennium" and "En Ami"
Summary: Mulder must find the truth locked in his heart before the lies get under his skin.

The View from the Veranda
5 kb - PG - MSR/SkPOV
Spoilers: "Requiem"
Summary: Conclusions are drawn from child's play.

Mulder + Scully = True Love

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